Do you believe you have a potential that has yet to be tapped into? Are you tired of being a “cookie-cutter” version of another pageant contestant? What changes do you want to make so you can stop competing at the same level in pageantry and continue getting the same results? If I could show you a new way of competing for your next pageant, would you be interested? As a former state, national, and international pageant winner I have walked in your shoes and know how you feel. You need to learn the best-kept secrets of competing for any goal whether it is a pageant, fitness competition, or achieving a life goal. You need to feel empowered by knowing the best in you has yet to be discovered and your goals begin from the inside out.

As a winning international pageant coach my goal is to teach you ways to improve your Judges Interview, Develop your Platform, and Brand Yourself and your platform as the titleholder who is the complete package. You will understand how you can “pre-sell” the judges before even meeting them and how you can share the most important parts of yourself in the shortest amount of time, while allowing the judges to connect with you on a personal level. I teach you valuable skills that I learned during my 17 years of selling “air” in the media, and help you use both your verbal and non-verbal skills to connect with your judges and sell your message. My goal is to get you comfortable being uncomfortable so you can continue improving and pushing yourself beyond your self-imposed limitations. If you are up for the challenge, then I would love to work with you!