If I could show you a way to make a difference in the world would you be interested? One of the most beautiful benefits of pageantry is that it allows women of all ages the opportunity to make a difference in the world. So many of us have discovered our voice in a world where we once thought we were insignificant. When you discover your purpose by following your passion, you learn what areas of community service you want to be a part of and suddenly the world of pageantry becomes about giving more than about taking. When I won the Mrs. International Pageant, my passion was to help educate women about the importance of early detection so more lives could be saved from breast cancer. My purpose then was to take my mission on an international level where I could reach as many women as possible and through connecting with organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I brought awareness to this issue. Having lost my mom to breast cancer in 2004, I didn’t want her battle to be in vain and I know through the world of pageantry that I was able to save lives through early detection.

When selecting your platform you want to ensure first and foremost that it is an issue you are connected to on a soul level. I remind my clients daily to select something they are passionate enough about that they can speak about this issue for 365 days and not get paid for it. If you are swapping out your platform or passion because you have been wrongly told that it isn’t a “winning” platform, then I have news for you. There is no such thing as a winning platform and if someone is telling you there is, then don’t walk…run as far away from them as possible. Having won a platform driven pageant and coached many winners on an international level about platform, I can honestly tell you the platform does not win the pageant – the contestant does. Since pageantry is a journey into self-discovery then one of the best ways to honor your purpose is to be true to yourself and use your voice on an issue that is most important to you. Often these platforms arise from overcoming our own obstacles, such as losing a parent to cancer, battling depression, or finding your voice with an anti-bullying campaign.

In order to be successful in the interview room the judges must connect to you on an authentic level, and let’s face it…people know when they are being lied to. On a soul level a judge is very aware if the contestant they are speaking to is connected to her cause or if she selected it for another reason. Since you only have minimal time with these judges, then wouldn’t it serve you to be honest and have a great plan to promote your platform if you win? Coaches should assist you in promoting and branding your platform and not replacing it with something they are more comfortable. Find your voice by reaching within your own heart and connecting to your cause. If it is important to you then it will be important to one other person and maybe that one other person is the entire reason you have been placed into the world of pageantry. Winning isn’t about a crown rather about a journey towards making a difference one person at a time. The first person you need to honor is yourself by preparing and connecting the best way possible. Select your platform, brand yourself, and spread your message to make a difference. This is the importance of having a platform in the world of pageantry.