Miracles are Created – Not Won

Did you know that some of your greatest miracles are created within you – not competed for outside of you? If you consider that you are one with God, and God is the source of all there is, then doesn’t it make sense that all that is already resides within you? The greatest source of abundance of all experiences you desire to create in your life already exists within your soul. Your role as creators in your own life is to align with that very goal you want to experience and live your life intentionally as if it is already present. This is almost the opposite of how you perceive goal setting isn’t it?

Since children you are taught that life is a competition and the best competitor will ultimately win the prize. Yet, how can that be truth if the experience was in fact created by someone if not you? For example, I work in an industry as a pageant and life coach where contestants vie for titles that 60-80 women across the globe try to win. Yet one person every year walks away with that one title while the remainder still get to experience the fruits of their labor. What separates the one winner from the remaining group of people that also worked tirelessly to achieve that same goal? Something the one winner did had to be different in the creative process that others didn’t connect to. Maybe this one winner was the person who in fact created the experience and aligned with it mind, body, and soul. When the opportunity presented itself, the creator recognized it and pushed out of the fear into a place of love and began experiencing their life as if the win was already present.

The other competitors may have desired to experience this perceived competition so they can connect to their ultimate goal. Whether the goal was self-empowerment, a deeper relationship with God, or the opportunity to create a new sense of self-love, the other competitors chose to be a part of the whole experience in order to gain something valuable out of it. The prize is always the secondary goal even though at the time it may not appear to be. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, I believe we choose to create experiences that allow us to experience emotions of love or empower ourselves by releasing fear.

There is no greater tool for this than through the world of competitions. Contests allow you to experience the perception that you are competing with another person for something you desire to experience. However the truth of this is that competitions allow you to connect with something greater than yourself. Whether this connection serves you through a deeper connection with God, a nurturing relationship with the world around us, or a deeper level of understanding ourselves as co-creators in our own lives, competitions can be extremely healthy and empowering if we approach them in truth. The next time you enter a competition, realize your win comes from the connection to your miracle within you not in the world outside of you. To learn more techniques on how to compete successfully, read my book Preparing the Mind to Win, available on Amazon!

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Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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