Love of the Win or Fear of the Loss?

What drives you to succeed? When you are pushing yourself beyond your own expectations and your comfort level is no longer where it used to be, what emotion is pulling at your heartstrings? Is your emotion of the love you experience as you are aligning with your goal the overwhelming feeling that drives you? Or is it the fear of not achieving your goal that is propelling you into feelings of even more fear? As Spiritual beings having a physical experience, our emotions are the conduit between us and our miracles. Since we are connected to God who is the source of love, then love is the emotion we ultimately strive to experience with the pursuit of any goal.

However, since the polar opposite of love is fear then it too can be an overwhelming emotion that can push us towards experiences that create even more to fear. Think about it. If your love of wanting to experience winning any competition is greater than your fear of not having the win, then you realize the love is in the journey of aligning with your quest. If you are afraid that the goal you ultimately seek to experience is going to escape you, then you tend to build on more emotions of fear. This creates anxiety in the process of trying to align with that very experience you are trying to experience in love.

Because love and fear are polar opposites they cannot be experienced simultaneously. So, the greatest emotion will be the dominant one. Your role as a co-creator in your life with God is to align yourself with the emotions that bring love into your experience now. It is within the moment of existence where the connection to your creation is taking place. If you choose to win a competition, and you are visualizing yourself in the moment then what emotions are overwhelming you? Are you excited and joyous because you feel the emotions of already having this goal present in your life? Or is your heart welling with anxiety because you fear that you won’t win the prize?

Understand where your emotions lie and you will know what state of creation you are in at this very moment. Preparation is the way for you to help control the emotions of fear, so rather than choosing to remain in fear then do something that helps you prepare for your competition. Whether it is practicing your competitive skills, mentoring another person, or visualizing and praying, then empower yourself in this moment to step our of fear and write your new chapter of creating your goal in love. Learn tips and techniques that will help you compete at your best through my book, Preparing the Mind to Win, available on Amazon!


Live Inspired Miracle Workers!




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