Look Within Your Selfie

We live in a world that is driven by social media “likes” and approval from the masses. Every day I work with young women who are striving to develop their talents, communication skills, and challenge themselves to dream bigger than they ever have before. Yet, when I take notice of the number of “likes” many social media posts get, they are usually due to beautifully filtered photographs of selfies. I personally feel that people do need to celebrate the skin they are in, and if they are doing this through posting pictures of themselves on the social media then more power to them. However, I also feel we need to celebrate our inner beauty as well as our physical beauty.

If we can take time every day to develop our character and the foundation of who we are then we are evolving mind, body, and soul. The filters we use from APPS will be replaced with the filter we use from our minds to our mouths. We may take more time to think before we speak instead of using that time to paint an illusion of perfection that we want the world to see us through. Maybe we will focus more on living in the moment rather than taking a picture of ourselves in it through the right angle to highlight our features.

Realizing we are the creators of our own life may grant us permission to be unapologetic through posting beautiful pictures of our faces as well as sharing content with another that will leave an imprint of love. Celebrating life is a journey that is more than one dimensional and we have the power to inspire others through our kindness, compassion, and love. Each of us are already a perfect child of God having an imperfect physical experience, so we don’t need to spend so much time appearing perfect every day. Maybe we can take some of those moments and share a perfect laugh that will brighten someone else’s day, or a “perfect” act of kindness that will make a stranger feel special. Rather than staring at our telephones every moment, maybe we can use one of those moments to look someone in the eye so they don’t feel so invisible.

You have the power to create beautiful selfies through your mind, body, and soul. As you journey through your day, realize you are the light that another may need to remind them that they are not alone. Live inspired Miracle Workers!



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