Life is about transformations and growing beyond your comfort zone to become a better version of yourself. Whether you are on the pageant stage or the stage of life, mental preparation before any goal is key. As a former state, national, and international pageant winner, I learned that I had to create my “win” before even stepping foot on the pageant arena. Any goal is connected to your spiritual journey and how you create that journey will empower you and others. My goal is to teach you how to identify your greatest life experiences are already within you, the only thing we need to do is shift your perspective and connect with them now. These tools will help you in developing your relationships to others, to yourself, and to Source.

The core of my philosophy:

  1. Create your goal from the end to the beginning – I believe the formula to my success in the achievement of my goals and teaching my clients tools to achieve theirs lies in the perception of how they view their goals. You will learn methods to changing your perspective of your goal and creating your life as if you were experiencing your goal finalized and in your reality today!
  2. Trust your intuition. Your spirit is your internal guidance system and should be listened to as much as you listen to your car’s navigation system when you are traveling a new path. In order to create new experiences and goals you need to learn new patterns of thinking and acting. Although I will push you beyond your comfort zone, you are still in control of honoring your internal guidance system to set out for your new course of accomplishing life goals.
  3. Discover your purpose and honor your calling – Your greatest feelings of gratitude and accomplishment come when you honor your own calling. As children we learn to listen to the world outside of us and as we grow, our own voices become silent. Yet our own voice will ultimately lead you to your greatest life experiences. You will learn to hear your voice and speak your truth when creating your life and accomplishing new goals. This will be fun, rewarding, and empowering!
  4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable – As creatures of habit we tend to create the experiences of our lives through patterns. As we become more comfortable creating from these patterns, we create more of the same. Whether it is a relationship that no longer serves you, self-sabotaging behavior, or remaining stuck in a job that doesn’t make you happy, you need to learn to become uncomfortable in order to change. My goal is to get you comfortable being uncomfortable so you can push forward beyond your self-imposed limiting thoughts and help you create the goals you desire to experience.

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