Joy is Not a Destination

“The love and joy you seek through the creation of your soul need not be separated through the illusion of time, space, or other souls. For that which you have created and that which I have chosen for you are already done… they are complete. Your role as a co-creator in your journey through life is to realize nothing will separate you from those gifts I have created with you, except through your perception of separateness. The moment you place your joy on a future time is when you are convincing yourself of an illusion, that you will never claim that which you desire to experience in your life. For time does not exist. So telling yourself you will be joyous “later” or have the experience of love through something you desire at another time, only tells your self that you grant yourself not the permission to receive that which has already been created for you.

Time is not the culprit rather the excuse as to why you chose not to receive that which was created for you. Realize you have the power to create in an instant, so how can time be measured as a tool to separate yourself from God rather than a moment in which to connect and create love. Listen to how you speak of that dream you desire to see manifested. Take notice of the excuses you have created to believe an illusion that you are separate from that dream. Do you use time to keep yourself from claiming that which is rightfully yours?

In your particular dream my child you have only to claim that which you desire by speaking so clearly of its existence in your life, that the illusion of separateness is replaced with the reality of oneness. For in your quest to create your grandest vision, you realized the darkness within your soul needed to be replaced with the light of truth. Of my truth.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia.

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Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!




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