Yet what differentiates the miracle workers and the lucky few, is the realization that these souls have tapped into a Source so deep within themselves nobody can ever remove their truth. Look at your kingdom through the eyes of truth. You will discover your “luck” lies within your knowledge that Source energy is waiting to share love and discover the power of your very existence. Ask any soul who has ever accomplished a dream so great that the world around them labels it a miracle. Those souls will tell you they always had a feeling that they would accomplish that goal. Whether it is the exhilaration of creating abundance through wealth, accomplishment through honor, and glory through deeds, that specific soul knew their own truth. Rather than dismiss it, they embraced it and wrapped their love, thoughts, and actions around the truth of who they are and they created it! – Excerpt from Through the Eyes of Truth

Each and every day we witness the world around us create miracles and label these creations as luck or just being favored by Source. What if you actually realized the power you have to create your own destiny through the power of your thoughts, emotions, and actions? Would you then consider yourself just as lucky or consider yourself a miracle worker? What if you spent every waking moment of your life focusing on what you wanted to experience? If you want to win a competition of any kind, get hired for your perfect job, or create the most loving relationship, spend your moments thinking and feeling the experience into being until you realized it manifested before your very eyes. After all, as children of God, your dreams are your birthright.

As creatures of habit we tend to create our lives through patterns thus creating the same experiences. These experiences may or may not be serving the greater version of who you are today. If you could realize what an amazing powerhouse your mind is, you would never waste another moment focusing on anything other than what you desire to experience in your life. Since your thoughts drive your emotions which then drive your actions, you must decide to live your life through deliberate intention. What does this mean? Rather than reacting to the world around you and adopting the fears from those around us who have yet to create their own dreams, become the center of your own universe and co-create your life with unlimited possibilities.

If your dream is to win a pageant then focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions on creating that dream until you realize it before it even manifests in the world outside of you. If your dream is to have a new house, a loving relationship, or just be in a place of self-love and self-acceptance, you hold the key to creating these experiences. What often happens though is that you get excited and want to share these dreams with others, who often give you 1000 reasons why your dreams are unrealistic or will never come into fruition. Rather than questioning the source of this information, you accept their fears and adopt them as our own. You then replace your excitement with fear of not feeling worthy enough, smart enough, or just enough…. and you release the dream and resort to creating your life from the same patterns you have grown accustom to.

Learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable and rather than sharing your dreams with others who may not support you, build your relationship with God and tap into your unlimited Source of power and guidance. Soon you will realize that you are the favored person, the lucky person, and the miracle worker. Keep reaching for your dreams because you alone hold the power to make them a reality.