Green gown headshotI can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was crowned Mrs. International on a stage that would change the course of my life. Since becoming a pageant coach in 2008, and coaching 6 International winners (including myself) I have heard this question from women of all ages and in all levels of pageantry. They want to know what it takes to win this pageant and my response is always the same. There is not one single ingredient to winning this pageant but a combination of attention to detail in every area of competition. The International Pageants represents the contestant with who has worked to become the “complete package,” and she brings such a unique and authentic approach to herself and her platform, that the judges can’t help but to connect with her. This system is about being unique and knowing how to think instead of being told what to say. Being an International Pageant winner is about celebrating your cause to the level that you will create a ripple effect before you even meet your judges. As you are preparing for your upcoming state pageant or meeting us in Dothan at The Competitive Image, remember that you are working with a team of people who know this system and want you to enjoy your entire journey! xoxo