“I placed a mind within your body so you may think for yourself. I have created a soul full of grace and perfection so you may feel truth from illusion. Where is it written in the book of life that you must mimic the actions and thoughts of another in order to live your perfect life?” – excerpt from “Through the Eyes of Truth”

If you knew what a powerful creator you are…. Would you be living the life you live today? You awaken every morning with the same thoughts that create the same emotions, and drive us to mimic the same actions. Because we are creatures of habit so often we create our lives through patterns, and what’s worse it that we don’t even question the patterns we follow. From a child we are taught to behave in certain ways and think certain thoughts because our teachers (parents) didn’t necessarily question who they were creating their thoughts after. As we grow into adulthood rather than question daily our thoughts and the power we have to create our lives, we set our minds on auto-pilot and accept the fact that things are what they are and we can’t change them.

What an illusion! Can you imagine creating every day of our lives because we failed to question our own ability to have a different life? A fulfilling life? Rather than questioning what we are capable of, we think like others and create our lives like everyone else around us. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you are spending the day in complete harmony with your spirit and performing a job that you love. Being like everyone else isn’t a bad thing if you are in a relationship with others that reflect your highest truth. But are you? Or are you spending your days with a heavy heart just wondering when you’re going to be happy and fulfilled?

Is this how you want your life to be? Spending every day in a trance, feeling more disconnected from yourself and worse yet, disconnected from God? What would it take for you to want to change your thoughts so you can create the life of your dreams? God placed a mind within your own soul so you could think for yourself, and create a life so you can cherish the moments of your own creation. Do you realize that as a child of God, abundance in creating anything you want to create is not only your privilege but your birthright? It’s your birthright to create a life abundant in love, joy, compassion, and anything you want to experience.
Yet you won’t find your abundance in the world outside of you, where you are getting your instruction from other people who are just as lost and sad as you are. You will connect to your birthright when you go within and ask God to show you your truth.