Utopia –A state of being where one experiences bliss and perfection.
As a pageant coach and a former International Pageant winner, I have discovered that so many of us use the journey through pageantry as a way into self-discovery. What the world outside witnesses is more than likely a group of women dancing on a stage and wearing beautiful gowns, when in fact seeing the journey from the stage allows us to experience our greater selves. Every day that I coach contestants I remind them the journey through pageantry or any competition is about stepping outside of our own comfort zone and forcing ourselves to become a greater version of who we were the day before.
Whether we are competing at a local, state, national, or international level, pageantry is a ‘me, myself, and I sport.’ We must change our patterns of thoughts, emotions, and actions in order to compete at a completely different level than we did before. If we choose to remain in the same patterns of thinking we then create the same emotions of experiencing fear or love. Then we follow these thoughts and emotions with acting in a certain way that brings the same patterns and the cycle continues.
Pageantry is about forcing ourselves to become a better version of who we were through understanding what we think and why we have established certain beliefs. Whether it is the belief that we can achieve a certain goal or a belief that we are or aren’t worthy of accepting ourselves for the perfect children of God that we are, we are forced every day to face our own fears. Through pageantry or any competitive environment we learn that we alone can create the state of utopia first, and then follow that state of mind with thoughts, emotions, and actions that move us closer to our own greatness.
When you enter a pageant or any perceived competition, ask yourself what your goal is outside of winning a crown or a prize. What emotions do you ultimately want to experience? Are they confidence, joy, self-acceptance or empowerment that you ultimately are seeking to create? When you can understand yourself at a deeper level than before, you then become aware of the truth that you can create your “win” before even stepping onto a stage in pageantry or a stage in life!
Let’s create the journey together and everyday discover something new about yourself in the process of achieving your goals. I am going to take this journey with you and create my own personal goal in the process. Today is a great day to begin creating utopia… a state of being where we experience bliss and perfection. So here it goes… Creating Utopia Day 1…