“Each of you possess that special miracle residing within your souls. It is your truth to reveal to these souls the Source of their miracles lies within them. Never fail to accomplish that which your soul was born to create. Love creates love, inspiration creates more inspiration, and hope creates more believers. Love, live, and expect that the world around you will become a reflection of the world within you. “ – excerpt from Through the Eyes of Truth

How many of you limit yourselves with your lifelong dreams because you fail to get the approval from another person? How many goals have you walked away from just because another chose not to support you in your endeavors? What would it be worth to you if you could change your life through learning how to receive those gifts you have created and are just waiting to be experienced by you? Can you let go of your old patterns of illusion so your cup can be filled with truth and joy? As you create your goals you have so much divine power within you just waiting to be used, yet you limit yourself to the ceiling placed upon you by another. Why? What good does it serve you to limit your capacity of creating and receiving those experiences which are meant to bring you joy? Yet, you so often do this and many other self-sabotaging acts that prevent you from experiencing the joy you desire so much to experience in your life.

In order for you to experience the creation of those things which bring you love and joy into your life, you need to release the patterns of old habits that no longer serve your greater good. There will always be a direct conflict between what your higher Source tells you that you are entitled to and what the voices of the world around you tell you that you can and cannot have. The stronger emotion will always win – so you cannot experience your own greatness until you have released your own perception of thinking you cannot deserve greatness into your life.

Do you realize this is only an act of perspective? Once you change your perspective then you alter your thoughts, emotions, and actions to follow suit with your new way of seeing your co-creative abilities to manifest anything your heart desires for you to experience. There will always be perceived struggles when it comes to the world outside of you, but you are not creating your world within from the world without. You are merely a participant in the world outside of yourself and sharing your authentic self with those around you. How they perceive you and what they believe to be your truth is irrelevant when it comes to your own creative process. In order to live the life you were meant to live, you must release the old patterns of thinking that created the old experiences that bring you sadness How? By replacing them with new thoughts and being deliberate in your thinking and acting.

The world changes one person at a time and you are the only person you can control. Knowing this, then how do you want to live your life today and what actions would you choose if you realized that you are the soul you were meant to create love and joy for. You are not responsible for the choices of others, yet you take on such enormous responsibility when it comes to dimming your light. You fear the world will not accept your greatness, yet who are you experiencing this one life for; you or the world outside of you? What if the only person you were meant to create love and joy for was staring back at you in the mirror? What would you say to yourself when you realize that the power to live the life of your dreams lies within you and you alone?
Nobody outside of self is responsible for your happiness. It is up to you to create your choices of how you think, feel, and act and in the process of creating and experiencing your own greatness you allow others to do the same. Today choose to be deliberate in how you think and rather than creating your life through being reactive, choose to be proactive.

So much of creating goals is learning how to accept them as you being them into your perspective. When people set the intentions of creating goals, they learn from those around them that the primary objective is to focus your thought, emotions, and actions on bringing those goals into your life. Since you are all energy, then focused energy can create the experience of already having that goal in your life now. By following it with taking the necessary actions of already having that goal will ultimately bring it into your experience. Look at it from the perspective of acknowledging the goal is already in your life even without the proof of its existence. This is what many refer to as faith, yet faith goes beyond the act of creating the perceived goal but also in the allowing and the receiving of that goal. Creating abundance of anything in your life begins first with the intention, focused thought, finally it is followed by the act of creating your world as if the desired outcome has already taken place. In essence you are working backwards from the set goal rather than chasing it as if it were an illusion escaping your very grasp.

By working backwards with the perspective of already having acquired that goal, your mind can grasp the emotions and actions combined with the necessary thought to give the goal new meaning. It’s as if you are trying to experience your own perfection backwards so you can understand what magnificent creative beings you are. In order for you to understand the creative process then you must be in the perspective of receiving as well or you will continually be searching for a goal outside of yourself. By altering your perspective and seeing the goal from the end to the beginning then you are focusing as much on the receiving of that goal as you are on the creation of it.