“Are you holding on to any forms of attachment that no longer serve you? For you must give up of the old pattern in order for the new to appear. If your cup is filled with illusion and fear, you have not the room to receive truth and love. You must first empty your cup of deceit in order for it to be filled with all that brings you joy. The fear lies not in receiving love, but rather in the emptying out of the illusion. You are all creatures of habit and often would rather continue in the negative behavior of that which brings you fear, than accept change towards that which brings you love. It is by receiving love that you become uncomfortable. As you have witnessed other souls around you in constant fear and denial of self, so you know not how it will affect you.- excerpt from “Through the Eyes of Truth”

The question to ask yourself is, why do I not feel worthy enough to receive my dream? What person or past experiences have programmed you into believing an illusion that you are not good enough to have what you want out of life? Think about it. You have been programmed since birth to listen to the voices of the world around you, and from there is where we build our perception of our own successes or failures. We rely on others to validate our beauty, our intelligence, and our worth when it comes to achieving our dreams. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you would be seeking approval from people who have yet to create the life of their dreams? Stop searching outside of yourself for validation and ask Source for the answers to your own questions.

Take this dream you desire so much to experience and ask yourself what you need to release in order to have room in your life for that goal. Are you holding on to any forms of attachment to thoughts, relationships, or anything that may be preventing you from experiencing your goal today? If you desire to win a pageant, then what do you need to release in order to make room for your pageant experience. If you want to win, then do you need to release old patterns of unhealthy eating, or lack of action to push yourself to your ideal weight? What about responsibilities of being a titleholder. Are you in a relationship with someone who wants all of your free time, or doesn’t like you to be the center of attention? You cannot have both and convince yourself that the conflicting emotions of having a controlling relationship and having a job of being a titleholder are going to serve you. Which will serve your greater good?

What about the win you are trying to achieve? If you have entered a contest where the ultimate prize is a new house or a brand new car, then how are you perceiving your outcome to fit into your life? Do you feel worthy enough not to have to convince the world around you that you are creating this goal into your experience today? Have you released old patterns of thinking that nothing good ever happens to you, and replaced them with creating experiences so you can feel worthy now?  Are you anxious and feeling like you need this win to validate you?

Realize that with anything we are trying to create in our lives, there often comes an opposing or conflicting emotion with it. Otherwise we would already have that goal in our lives. If you are trying to win a pageant, a new car, or a brand new house, are you creating the emotions of already having the feeling of security in your environment? Do you wake up in the morning giving thanks for this blessing today or are you spending hours on message boards trying to convince others that this blessing is supposed to be yours. The world around you won’t deny themselves so you can feel validated. Your role as a co-creator in life is to create the emotions and experience of having what you desire to “win” before the outcome of the contest is even announced.

If you haven’t yet done this, then begin creating the experience of having your goal in your life this very moment. The Universe doesn’t recognize the illusion of time when it comes to achieving your dreams, so the sooner you can create the experience in your life then the sooner you have that experience. The only thing time does provide is the chance for the souls around you to also create their journey as they desire to have it. You must realize that you don’t need any material possession to create a sense of love and fulfillment in your life. The prize only has the value that you give it, so without your validation to the prize – then that prize is just another material possession.

Remember that you give life to your dreams, not the other way around. Realize however that you cannot deceive yourself, so if your cup is filled with the illusion of lack of worthiness then you will create more experiences to feel unworthy. If your illusion is filled with fear, then you must release that fear in order to experience the love from achieving your dream. Fear can be in the form of location of house giveaway, fear of the unknown environment, or fear of becoming well-known in an otherwise quiet journey through life. Fear can also take the form of justifying your win of this contest to a group of people around you who question your worthiness to receive something they failed to create within them. Remember that if you are experiencing the need to be validated by another person (s) then you must release the old pattern of thinking in order for the new to come in. Otherwise you will continue creating experiences of disappointment because you need the world outside of you to validate you.

You alone are enough and as a co-creator in your own life, you create the experiences of what you ultimately want to accomplish. There is nothing outside of you that you need another person’s approval or permission to create. Trust in your own ability to be abundant in love, joy, and peace of mind and use these experiences to enjoy rather than to validate you.