How to Win a Pageant? It’s all in the Details!

The best way to prepare for winning a pageant or any competition comes down to the details. As creatures of habit we tend to repeat the same patterns of behavior and wonder why we are getting the same results. We watch other pageant winners succeed and create our journey through the limited knowledge that we have about their preparation. As a pageant coach I have heard many contestants blame their lack of pageant success on the color of dress they wore, their hairstyle, and even their accent! The bottom line comes down to the preparation in the details. Ask yourself how deep you created the connection to your goal as you were preparing externally? In other words, did you cover the mental details of placing yourself on the stage and counting paces, holding the seconds as you looked each judge in the eyes, and even transitioning your poses?

While you were in the process of running at the gym, were you mentally covering every detail of your pageant preparation down to the most minute glance, shrug, and smile? Or did you like many other contestants, rely on being pretty and having a great personality? Believe it or not, many contestants including myself have mastered the art of mental preparation when it comes to their pageant. Whether you are standing on the stage with ten or 110 contestants, you must cover the details with every area of your scoring so you can ensure you present yourself in the most consistent and solid performance that will carry you from preliminary to the final competition.

While the other contestants were standing backstage during rehearsals or pageant night, were you chatting with them or were you in your head reviewing your performance on a mental level? The art of winning pageants or any perceived competition is created in the details of the experience. I teach my clients to compete always being at least two steps ahead of their performance. They don’t rely on just “winging” it but have reviewed the entire on-stage performance from opening number, to swimsuit or fitness, and then to evening gown. I can ask them at any point what they were thinking when they were on stage and the majority will tell me their mind was thinking ahead of their body so they knew where to stand and how to compete at their best.

If you want to know what it feels like to be in control of how you execute your competition then you need to prepare in the details of every aspect of your pageant journey. Just like it is important to know what separates you from other contestants in the interview room, you also need to know what separates you from other contestants on-stage. Do you have a certain style of walk or are you playing it safe and just trying not to fall off your pageant heels? Can you transition smoothly from one pose into another effortlessly or are you counting in your head and looking blankly at the judges because you are too much in your own head to be present in the moment? Details are the keys that separate the winners from the rest of the contestant, so cover your details now before you even get to your next pageant. I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare!

For more winning tips, read Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry and the corresponding Creating Queens Workbook.

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