Walking in Faith

One of the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon me has been the power of faith. Since a child I have known my life mission has been to change the world, and I believe we all have the power to do this one person at a time. As a coach for pageantry and for life, I have learned that every single person is valuable. The time I spend during sessions every day allows me to help my clients realize the power they have to create their greatest dreams. It amazes me how so many of us devalue ourselves and in turn feel powerless when it comes to creating the life of our dreams. Since our greatest miracles reside within us, we need to learn to trust the creative process even though we don’t yet see what it is we desire to have in our lives. I have walked so much of my life in faith and so often when I am called to climb higher mountains, I realize just how important this is. The greatest struggle I often have when I am trying to create new goals is moving towards that goal one step at a time. Just like you… I get impatient and want to see the experience in front of me today. However, I have to remind myself that I am actually the creator of my own miracles, and if I am not seeing the end of the journey in front of me, then it is because I still have some work to do in the creative process.

I think so many of us want to walk in faith, but struggle when we become discouraged because our dreams are taking so long to create. Whether we are trying to create a “win” on a pageant stage or a new goal on the stage of life, we must understand that we are the creators of these goals. We can’t ask God to make them appear in front of our eyes, if Source has granted us free will to act in accordance to how we think and feel. We tell God that we will believe in our miracles once he has placed them in front of us, but we cannot have our miracles created unless we alone are thinking about them, feeling the emotions of already having them in our lives, and acting in deliberate intention to create them. It is up to us as creators to create the experiences. God provides us the power within our souls to create the most abundant experiences, but oftentimes we fail to act on creating them because they appear too magnificent.

What if you could walk in faith today and create your greatest miracle? What would that miracle look like? Would you want to inspire someone with a pageant win, or do you want to empower another person by creating a “win” in life that the world would consider unattainable? When we walk in faith, we remain focused on the goal we desire to experience and through our own power of thought, emotion, and action we can in fact create the greatest blessings in our lives. Maybe somewhere along the way, we can also change the world one person at a time by reminding them they have the power within themselves to create their greatest life.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,


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