Five Steps to Living a Life of Purpose

When I was attending college my first two years, I had the most difficult time trying to decide on a major. My passions never really fit into a box so I had a difficult time attempting to find a major where I could incorporate my three loves of fashion, helping others, and writing. After realizing I needed to decide on a major before earning my Bachelors of Science Degree, my love for fashion won over the rest so I pursued this with my college education.

Of course, shortly after graduating with my degree I realized where I lived were very few job offers in the fashion industry so I got my first job in media as a sales and marketing executive and stayed in that career for almost 17 years. Little did I understand at the time, that God was prepping me to become a Pageant Coach where I could then incorporate my love of fashion, writing, and helping others. Although it took some time and a lot of exploring, I am finally living my life purpose and I wake up every morning in gratitude for my life and my loves. I get to do what makes me happy and the steps I took towards getting here were many, but well worth it.

Throughout my spiritual journey I realized that my relationship with God was the most important gift I have in my life, so I write books about my answered prayers in hope that my prayers will ultimately help another to discover their purpose and find their passion. You can find my books on by clicking here on Amazon.

Here are five easy steps towards discovering your purpose that may lead you to living a life of passion:

  1. Prayer: Let’s face it, if we are already lost and searching for our purpose then we need to gain insight to our truth through our internal GPS which is God. So often we look for others to guide us into understanding our purpose when in fact the people we ask are also lost. If we spend our time asking others for answers to our truth, then we will continuously be led into a world of illusion. Prayer allows you to build a relationship with God and learn to honor your guidance. It is my belief that when we decided to journey on this physical life, we intended to be guided by Source throughout our moments. Yet when the voices of the world around us shouted louder into our ears, we stopped focusing on God’s guidance and began listening to the people around us. Nobody knows your truth greater than God so you must build a conversation with Source in order to understand how to master your life in the manner that will bring you the most love and joy.
  2. Honor Your God Whispers: The most important part of prayer is not just in the asking but in the receiving communication from Source. If we pray and then tune God out by focusing our attention towards something else, then it becomes difficult to listen for the guidance we are asking for. I believe that prayer consists of the asking and then the receiving, yet so often we only ask and then wonder why God isn’t speaking to us. Truth is that Source is communicating with us daily, yet we can’t hear our God whispers because they are being drowned out by the noise of the world around us. Take time daily to listen to your God whispers and know when you are being led towards taking action that will move you closer to your ultimate goal.
  3. Act! The power of creating our greatest dreams require us to act upon our thoughts and emotions that support our goals. Yet all too often we pray for guidance and then sit back and wait for God to create our goals out of thin air without our effort. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are the creators of our experiences. If we choose not to act upon our God whispers then how can we create our experiences through free will? Pray, Listen, and Act!
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: We are all perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience, so never be afraid to fail as you work towards achieving your goals. Failure often paralyzes people into not moving forward which in turn prevents us from creating our desired experiences. Realize that every person who walks this journey through life is imperfect in our actions, so don’t allow your fear of failure to stop you from moving out of your comfort zone. With every step we take towards the achievement of our dreams we learn what works and how we can better create our goals.
  5. Don’t Quit: If you have a goal that has been ignited within your soul, please don’t stop until you achieve that goal. If we only realized the power we each possess to achieve miracles in our lives, we would honor our passions and live a life of purpose. Every person stumbles along their path, and those who ultimately achieve their goals are the ones who didn’t allow failure, fear, or defeat to stop them. You are all miracle workers and are just one miracle away from inspiring another person to become their greatest self. Honor your dreams and realize you have one life and this gift is lived in the present moments that create our future.



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