Five Easy Steps to Mastering a Winning Pageant Interview

When I competed in pageantry, I attempted to only enter competitions that included 50% of the interview as the total scoring. Why? With almost 17 years of sales and marketing under my belt, I always knew how to win a pageant interview. I realized that if I could sell “air” for a living then I could sell an idea in a Judges Interview room. Then as a pageant coach I taught my clients the art of selling in pageantry and they too began winning the Judges Interview as well as many of their local, state, national, and international pageants! The best way to simplify the sales process is to use 5 easy steps that will get you more comfortable…

  1. Know Your Product! In pageantry you the contestant are the product, and you need to know how to sell yourself. Since pageantry is a me, myself, and I competition then the only person you should be focusing on learning about is yourself. When you find yourself getting interested in stalking other contestants on the social media to see what they are doing, change your perspective into focusing on yourself again. In a few short minutes, your skills need to be effortless and authentic so practice selling yourself in 15, 30, and 60 seconds.
  2. Know How to Master the Interview “Open:” If you can get comfortable leading an interview, then your skills will reflect in your judges scores. The most effective pageant interview is about allowing the judges into the window of your soul without getting to walk through the front door. By knowing how to begin your open with a “Tell Me About Yourself” story then you can learn to lead the interview effortlessly and still allow the judges to feel like they are in control.
  3. Know How to “Close” Your Pageant Interview: How you end your interview is as important as how strong you begin. Knowing how to lead the interview without appearing as if you are taking control allows you to share information that you may not otherwise get to share. Consider that your “close” is the final statement your judges hear before you walk away from their chair and their pen hits the paper to score you. Also, you want to leave a memorable impression so you can have the judges remember you even when another contestant sits in the same chair and asks for the job you are applying for as a titleholder.
  4. Have a Strong Pre-Sell: One thing I learned in sales and marketing is the stronger your pre-sell with your judges, the easier it is to close the deal. Understanding the key points to any effective pre-sell will allow you to build a connection with your judges before even meeting them. Mastering your pageant interview techniques is more than just selecting the right wardrobe. It is about understanding how to connect with a group of strangers with the least amount of time possible. How are your pre-sell techniques?
  5.  Be Proactive: Part of mastering your pageant interview is to learn to be proactive when it comes to communication. As a pageant coach I often hear contestants tell me the reason they didn’t do well in their last competition was because the judges didn’t ask questions of substance, or the “right” questions. “If only they would have asked me about…” is something I often hear. This tells me that the contestant approached her pageant interview from a reactive frame of mind. Knowing certain things you want to share in the interview allows you to take control over some questions that you may feel are irrelevant or lacking substance.

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn winning pageant techniques? I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare!

For more pageant tips, read the book the winners have read;  Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry and the corresponding Creating Queens Workbook.

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!



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