Finding Fitness – Who Are You Competing With?

Photo: Clay Spann

When it comes to fitness in pageantry and in life, how are you pushing yourself and who are you competing with? When I competed in pageantry, I realized although I was blessed with good genetics and a healthy nutritional diet it was difficult for me to put on muscle. My fitness routines usually included running, running, and a little more running after that. I transitioned from shorter distances to half-marathons because it was easy for me to use my long legs to reach distance. However, I soon realized I had grown into my comfort zone through my course of running and stopped challenging myself.

Since my body frame is tall and thin, I soon realized that running wasn’t the best way for me to build muscle. As a matter of fact, the cardio I was doing daily was counteracting my fitness goals. I was losing muscle because I was doing too much cardio and not taking in enough calories. Whoever said that ignorance is bliss was highly mistaken!!! Since I had become accustom to being in a certain pattern of thinking, I understood that I needed to hire a trainer to teach me how to think differently when it came to fitness. My trainer also educated me on the importance of building muscle for the protection of my bones, my over body strength, and the level of fitness I eventually wanted to achieve.

As you are preparing for your upcoming pageant or fitness goals, be sure you are working with an expert in the field who understands your genetic makeup and doesn’t do a “one size fits all” program with your fitness. As a matter of fact, there is no “one size fits all” since we are all built differently. Your pageant and fitness goals should push you into competing against yourself rather than competing with another person. We can become our greatest challengers when it comes to any goal. If we look at the world around us then we risk believing we are supposed to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Each of us are created in a beautiful and perfect form and how we treat ourselves mind, body, and soul allows us to appreciate ourselves and grow into the confidence level we want to achieve.

By competing against yourself, you are able to become a better version of who you were the day before. You will soon realize the ability your body has to adapt to a strength training program and maximize your fitness goals to a level you probably didn’t realize you were capable of achieving. Your fitness goals take time, but you need to begin today. Research your trainers, communicate to them your specific fitness goals, and realize that your fitness journey is a marathon and not a sprint. To better learn how to prepare your mind to achieve any of your goals, order my book Preparing the Mind to Win.

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