untitled-design1Preparing the Mind to Win is about creating the experience of “winning” your goal before you have even manifested it into your reality. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are co-creating every moment in our journey. However, who we choose to co-create our lives with will ultimately determine whether we create experiences of love or fear.  I believe we desire to experience the emotions of achieving any goal, which is why our minds work so hard at training our bodies to work harder for it. The emotions of joy, empowerment, and self-love are just a few of the emotions I believe we desire to experience throughout our lives. I don’t necessarily believe it is the prize we want as much as we think we do. It is the experience of creating love in our spirit that pushes us towards striving for greater accomplishments.

Knowing this, how much attention do you spend creating your goals with God and how much time do you spend creating them through the eyes of the world around you? Although the question may appear insignificant, it is very important to understand if you actually want to achieve everything your heart desires to experience. Creating your goals and your experiences through the eyes of God allows you to be the driving energy force behind determining what your dreams, are and how you can transform those dreams into tangible goals. The experience of achieving any goal is the experience of “winning” we ultimately desire to know.

I spend at least 40 minutes every morning in meditation and prayer. This helps me prepare my day by understanding the experiences I can control, but most importantly, this allows me to start my day with God as my GPS system. If I have not tuned into my God whisper, I cannot effectively do my job to the best of my ability when I coach my clients, write my books, or focus my energy on creating loving experiences. It becomes too easy to get distracted by social media, texts, and the thousands of “imprints” we deal with on a daily basis. Starting my day knowing the direction I want to proceed and the best course of action to take, allows me to stay focused and tune out the noise.

When I go into meditation, I envision the only two sources of energy, being myself and Source (God). I understand that God is experiencing this journey through me just as Source is experiencing this life journey through every soul. We are never separate from our Creator except through our perception of being separate. Meditating allows me to experience the world of endless possibilities through the eyes of truth. I feel every morning what it is like to experience having my greatest goal in my life now. When I pray, there is no separation between time and illusion. The emotions I create through my communion with God makes me feel the experience of achieving my “win” this very moment, without the evidence of it seen in the world around me. So, the more I repeat these meditations, the more my mind understands the reality I already have my dream and will see it realized soon in the physical world.

I practiced this type of meditation every day for many months before I competed in, and won both my national and international pageants. I realized the more I envisioned already having the “win,” the harder it was for my mind not to understand it wasn’t already a reality. Because I could envision the details every day through meditation, my actions began to support the reality of already having my dream. I carried myself differently, I began scheduling events that I would have attended if I already won, and I felt more at ease every day. There was no separation between my illusion and my reality. Since love was my overpowering emotion, then it became easier and easier to believe I already won these pageants before I even stepped foot onto the stages.

Co-creating my experience with God also allowed me to focus on the voice of truth rather than on the voices of fear from others around me. Many of us have people in our lives who pretend to be our friends and give us the impression they want us to succeed. However, when we begin stepping towards success, they attempt at any cost to reroute us back into fear. Often, they will do it with a smile on their face and pretend they are doing it for our greater good. However, as children of God our souls know when we are being lied to. We can either choose to believe what we see or continue in our world of illusion, pretending another knows what is better for our lives than we do. This is why it becomes so important to co-create with God.

Step into your greatest version of self now by co-creating your life with God and realizing you have unlimited power within you to experience your greatest miracles. They are just one realization from being a part of your experience! To learn more about how you can discover your purpose, order my book or audio book, Through the Eyes of Truth – a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.”

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