luck-is-when-preparation-and-opportunity-meetPreparing the Mind to Win is not about luck… it is about practicing your craft until you become a master of it. Whether you are preparing your mind to win a spelling competition or a contest, you have control over situations that may appear to be uncontrollable. To create abundance of anything you want to experience, you must first create the experience from within. You have control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions, so as creative beings you have control over creating the experience for yourself before even stepping out on the competitive arena.

As spiritual beings having a physical experience, you control several important creative tools:

  1. Thought: What you ultimately desire to experience by entering any competition. When you realize you can control your thought patterns and understand your underlying “why” then you can create that experience before the outcome of the competition is even decided.
  2. Emotions: As spiritual beings, we are driven by emotion. After all, we are created from love and our souls seek the expression of love through relationships with ourselves, others, and our environment.
  3. Actions: A major component of the creative process is acting and working towards your ultimate goal. You can no more sit and just “think” on what you want without acting upon it and putting forward focused energy until you create the experience you seek to enjoy.

What you cannot control:

  1. Who you are competing with: I consider any competition a me, myself, and I sport because you can control so much of the process without even seeing who you are vying for the prize with. Knowing this, you create the intention of disciplined thought and action towards creating your desired outcome.
  2. Who your judges are: Whether you are in a pageant or any contest where you are being judged by a group of people, cannot control who has the final say as to whether or not you win. Understanding this will allow you to worry less about who is judging you and more on how you perform.
  3. Your environment: I have competed in a pageant where a former queen literally went back and pulled the microphone cord from the amplifier when I was singing during the talent competition. As soon as I was done, she plugged it back in again and it worked for the emcee and the remaining contestants. I know this because a family member walked back to the room where she was standing with her arms stretched out to block the door and prevent him from entering the room and plugging it in again. All of this was done while the Director watched. Although it broke my heart and my belief in pageantry, she apologized to me years later when she saw me at the state competition she tried so hard to prevent me from advancing to. I forgave her. I knew at an early age that God allowed me to see beyond my environment and realize the potential I had to create my dreams. You can as well. See beyond the perceived limitations and continue striving for what you desire to create.

Preparing your mind to win is about creating the experience you want to have through your own creative abilities so you do not leave the power to experience your greatness in the hands of luck. Luck is an illusion that is used to describe the unknown. That great unknown is the time, effort, and resources the person who won the competition spent for months or even years before finally achieving their dream. It is about the energy not shared on social media through “selfies’ and the countless hours Miracle Workers spend daily trying to achieve what the world would label impossible. You too have the power within your spirit to create even the most magnificent experiences. When you focus intently on creating what you desire to experience and practice your craft daily, especially when the world isn’t watching you.

What’s your miracle? What are you working towards creating that when you look back and someone asks you how you achieved the impossible… what will you tell them? Begin with a dream, follow it with a step by step process of how you are going to achieve that dream, and work tirelessly every day until it is realized. You are the creator of your experiences and you have such unlimited power as a child of God to bring joy in your own life, so what are you waiting for? Dream big Miracle Workers! To learn more about how you can discover your purpose, order my book or audio book, Through the Eyes of Truth – a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.”

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