following-your-purposePreparing the Mind to Win is about understanding your purpose and coming from a place of contribution. We all have the power to create a positive ripple effect in our homes, communities, or in the world around us. Yet we often fail to achieve our greatest potential because we think we need someone else to define for us what that purpose is. Whether you enter a pageant or any perceived competition, realize you have the power within you now to begin creating your ripple effect. As a coach, I continually hear people tell me they intend to do amazing things once they win the contest they have entered. Yet I ask you, what is preventing you from doing these things today?

In your mind, you may have created the illusion that who you are now is not good enough to be heard or your message to be shared. However, what if you are being called to make a difference in someone else’s life who is just waiting to become inspired by you? Would you continue waiting for a group of judges to grant you permission to follow your path, or would you own your life today and create opportunities that may lead to more people hearing your message months from now? Each of us are born with the power to change lives, and starting with our own is where the foundation is built. You do not need to wait for a crown, banner, or a prize in order to move forward on your path into empowerment. Believing you do will keep you trapped in the same limiting thoughts and patterns of action.

Whether you are preparing your mind to win a competition or achieve a personal goal, God has blessed you with the gifts to come from contribution today. Waiting for another person or event to take place before you move forward on creating your goals is like waiting for a cake to bake without actually performing the act of baking it. You are the creator of your greatest life experiences, so use the power God has blessed you with today to begin creating your ripple and changing the lives of others who may need to hear your message in order to move beyond their fear. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, you do not need to wait for a “perfect” situation to happen before you create your greatest miracles.

There comes a point when we need to be accountable for what we dream and how we turn these dreams into tangible goals. Altering your perception of what you have control over will allow you to realize the only things you need to create your greatest miracles all lie within you. These are the power to think, feel, and act. Everything else will align to your goals when you take action and begin creating them one action at a time. Waiting for another person’s approval or for the perfect situation to occur before you empower yourself gives away your power and places you in the illusion that you have no control over your own life.

This is such a short and sacred journey wouldn’t it be more exciting to know you lived everyday being the miracle workers you are? You will be in a greater place of gratitude and find as you create amazing experiences, that you have more experiences to be grateful for. Meanwhile, live inspired Miracle Workers! #Godwhispers #Miracleworker #Liveinspired #creatingutopia #throughtheeyesoftruth #tteot