Congratulations to my client – Mrs. International 2018!

What an amazing week it has been! Having the privilege to coach the newly crowned Mrs. International 2018, Mrs. California along with the 1st Runner-Up, Mrs North Dakota, 2nd Runner-Up, Mrs. Connecticut, and 4th Runner-Up Mrs. Southeast. These women prepared themselves for the competition by pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone and preparing mind, body, and soul. As a pageant coach I have had the opportunity to coach women from across the globe and what I notice in all of the success stories is consistency. When preparing for any competition whether it is a pageant or fitness competition, you need to be the complete package. So many contestants enter competitions like this and focus primarily on their strengths, thinking that it will be enough to push them forward. However, the successful competitors will stare their weaknesses head on and work tirelessly to improve themselves because they realize they have to be the highest consistent scoring individuals in the competition.

As you are preparing for your upcoming pageant or fitness competition, you must develop yourself to be the complete package and push yourself beyond your own potential. Only then will you realize what you can accomplish. You get to write the story of your own life page by page so make a decision to become the best version of yourself in the process. God grants us one chance at this specific journey in life, and to look back at any goal you prepared for and know you gave it everything you had is one of the best ways to be in gratitude for our lives. Be the fearless competitor you were born to become, because competition isn’t about anyone but you. Pageantry and fitness goals are a me, myself, and I sport and you get to compete against the person you were the day before. Then as you empower yourself through your journey, you discover tools that may help empower another

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


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