Competing at 100%

When it comes to competing, are you giving 100% of yourself mind, body, and soul? Competition is a creation between you and God, so your role is to do everything in your power to create your goal, and the role of God is to partner with you in helping you align with that goal. So often we expect God to bring in our greatest experiences without doing the work ourselves. We forget that as creators in our own lives, we are responsible for putting forth 100% effort into the manifestation process. This involves competing against yourself mind, body, and soul. When you compete at 100% of your creative level, you release limiting thoughts, self-sabotaging behavior, and push yourself beyond what you once thought you were capable of.

How do you put forth that 100% of your efforts into competing? By focusing your intentions and setting a plan of action that requires you to think about your goal, connect to the emotions of already having the goal in your life, and an action plan that pushes you towards doing something everyday to make this dream a reality. Become disciplined in competing against yourself. Whether you are aligning with a fitness goal or a pageant goal, you must want to see this in your life so much that your efforts far exceed your old limiting patterns of behavior.

Let’s say you are trying to compete for a pageant or a fitness competition. When you put forth the effort and do something you had not previously done in any competition, then you are reaching towards getting new results. Write out your calendar of daily activity towards achieving that goal, for the months you believe it will take to achieve your communication, platform, and fitness level of a new competitive level. Put together a daily plan of action that requires activity, focused goals, and mental preparation so you are aligning with your goals mind, body, and soul. If you are trying to win a competition that requires you to push yourself beyond what you did the day before, then you are giving yourself 100% effort on a daily basis.

Consistency is also the key to winning any competition. Generally speaking, the person with the highest consistent scores ends up winning. Being consistent requires continual effort everyday so you can create and build new muscle memory, whether it is your physical strength or the muscle of your brain in the visualization process. You get to determine what 100% of your effort looks like. However, the magnificent part of the creative process is that once you set the standard then you push yourself everyday beyond the norm you set for yourself the day before. This is the creative process that ultimately helps you create the win you are trying to experience.

As a child of God the power of creation is your birthright and what you do with your level of creation is 100% your own free will. God will never impose his will over your own, so don’t sit back and ask Source to claim something for you that another has created for themselves. Be proactive in your own life and choose to be a better version of yourself mind, body, and soul. This is where you create the “win.” To learn more techniques on how to compete successfully, read my book Preparing the Mind to Win, available on Amazon!

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Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!



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