knowledge-is-powerPreparing the Mind to Win is about educating yourself through the resources and experts available to you. Pageant knowledge is power in your pageant interview room, marketing and branding your platform, and displaying your grace on-stage. So often we look to the world outside of us for guidance when it comes to reaching our greatest dreams. However, what we often fail to realize is we seek the advice from people who have yet to create their greatest dreams. Rather than encourage us to push ourselves out of our comfort level, they often discourage us and instill fear instead. Rather than ask ourselves why some of the people we look for advice from help negate us, we should be asking ourselves why we continue to seek the approval and advice from these souls. It would make no more sense to ask the advice from your neighbor who struggles with finances for advice on wealth management than it would to ask someone who has yet to create their life in the manner that makes them happy for advice on how to become happy.

Your role as the co-creator in your life is to experience yourself to the greatest potential you have in this moment. Rather than choose to remain complacent, attempt to create new experiences that will help you grow into the best version of yourself each and every day. If you desire to win a pageant, then seek your guidance and pageant knowledge by looking to the experts who have succeeded in pageantry. Those people who know the system and can help guide you through the obvious, and not so obvious things you need to know. If you want to push yourself into running a marathon, then immerse yourself in the knowledge you need to gain in order to run a healthy race without injury. Train with those who understand how to strengthen and build your muscles to help you exceed your own expectations.

I speak to people daily who share stories with me about experiences of losing friendships once they decide to lose weight, achieve a certain goal, or even just step outside of their own comfort zone to accomplish something meaningful to them. These “friends” attempt to talk them out of getting into their best physical shape by shaming them or even sabotaging their goals. For some reason, it makes some people uncomfortable watching you grow into a better version of yourself. It is easier for them to prevent you from changing rather than admitting they want to change themselves but have chosen not to. Understand you owe it to yourself to find the pageant resources available to you from people who understand your goals and have accomplished them as well.

Life is too short to settle for anything less than what brings your heart joy. If you don’t have the support from the people around you, then find support from those who want to see you succeed. Read books, watch videos, and immerse yourself in gaining knowledge about how to accomplish your goals. The more you push yourself out of your own comfort zone, the more you will realize what you are capable of. You may even discover the people who discouraged you from attempting to reach your goal have become inspired by you. Often, we become afraid of what we don’t understand, so educating yourself in the ways you most enjoy will not only empower you, but may also inspire another to live their greatest life as well. Until next time, live inspired Miracle Worker!