Mrs Intl courtCongratulations to my client Priscilla Pruitt for winning the Mrs. International 2016 Pageant! We took her love for children and turned it into an amazing platform that will help save babies around the world! As an Ambassador and International Spokesperson for the Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Priscilla has been working tirelessly with people around the world to help save abandoned babies and there is no doubt she will continue to leave a legacy far beyond a pageant title.

Not only did I coach Mrs. International 2016, but also Nicole Zwiercan who won Judges Interview and 1st Runner-Up, but also Morgan Bredde, 3rd Runner-Up, and Melissa Parker the 4th Runner-Up!

I am so honored to have coached 6 out of 8 Mrs. International winners since I began coaching. As a former Mrs. International, I know what the title requires and how to prepare contestants not only through winning Judges Interviews, but I also grow their Marketing and Branding to a whole new level of competition! When I began my year in 2016 I made a promise to God that I would bring Him back into the world of pageantry. Through the amazing women I have had the honor of coaching this year, I kept my promise and somehow God has blessed me back. All of this glory is in His name!