Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize you are your own worst enemy? Well, today I had that “aha” moment. This week has been a challenge both mentally and physically. Having traveled most of July, I found myself eating the worst I have eaten in almost six months! In fact, as I stood in front of the calibration meter my trainer uses to measure my body fat, I almost fell over when I realized I put on the same amount of fat in 3 weeks as it took me for 6 months to lose.How is that even possible? As I reviewed my diet, I realized that I had been eating comfort food to deal with the stress of life. Foods that I do not typically eat or even enjoy, but somehow through the ups and downs of my emotional roller coaster, I managed to convince myself I enjoyed them. I live by the C.D.C. rule. This stands for choices, decisions, and consequences. I had a choice between vegetables and protein or breads and sugar, so I made the decision to eat the breads and sugars, so now I have to deal with the consequences of those choices. The same decisions I made to sabotage my fitness goals are the same decisions I can use to empower myself by realizing that with a different mindset comes different outcomes.

How many of you get stuck in your emotional roller coaster of life and without even thinking? You do things you know are not good for your health and fitness goals. Even though your mind knows the foods you eat will make you feel good in the immediate moment, but somewhere in your thought process you have blocked out the terrible guilt and regret you will experience once the moment of immediate gratitude wears off. For me, this is a mindset I needed to confront head on. I believe this mindset is there because somewhere beneath my desire of wanting to push myself to the next level in my fitness goal, there lies a fear I have not addressed. As a pageant and mindset coach, I work with clients from all over the world and in our daily sessions I remind them that behind every goal lies a fear we have not addressed. This is truth because if there was not a fear associated with our goal, then we would have already achieved it. Our minds are created to protect us. As children we learn not to touch a hot stove or it will burn us, or to look both ways before crossing a street so we don’t get hurt. I think we forget that our mind often shelters us from disappointment or fear from the unknown.

Since I desire to take my fitness goals to the next level, then I have to push myself beyond my perceived fear and define what the next level looks like to me. If I do not do something now to change my mindset then I risk being at the exact same place 3 months from now, wondering if I can lose the fat and gain the muscle that I know my body can achieve. Setting a new goal, something I have desired to create in my life but feared being judged because no matter what my fitness level, I feared it wouldn’t be enough… well, I think I just discovered my fear. As my age increased (along with my fat percentage) I adopted the illusion I could not get my body where I wanted it to be due to age. Wow…. so here we are. My next goal is to find my fit mind, body, and soul. What is your goal? To help you get into the empowering mindset, read my book Preparing the Mind to Win. This will help you achieve your goals in life and is intended to help  you realize that you are the captain of your own ship!

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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