Breaking Barriers

What barriers are holding you back from achieving your greatest dream? Today I realized the biggest barrier I need to break lies within me. As a Coach, I have to practice what I preach when it comes to pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone, so I have challenged myself to 30 days of fitness and today was tough… emotionally and physically.  Chest is one of my weakest areas and is so difficult for me to do. Why? Because I don’t like it… but I don’t like it because I fear it. There is something intimidating about having a bar over my head and feeling as if it overpowers me (even though there is only 5 – 10 pounds on it) The weight is uncomfortable, my body experiences a new discomfort of using muscles I don’t normally use, and although I have to throw my entire body into lifting it, I still feel defeated after I am done.

However, I realized today that I need to break the barrier that separates me from the weakest part of my body. If our greatest goals begin within us then there is a love component that has been missing from my workouts that I am not fully embracing. This barrier has prevented me from enjoying these chest days and I need to change my mindset so I can have a better relationship with my own body. But how many of you choose not to do something because it is uncomfortable and you don’t allow yourself to be pushed beyond the discomfort of the growing pains that strengthening it creates? Your dream has remained dormant within the corners of your mind because there is something you fear in the creation of it.

My fitness goals remained dormant in the recesses of my mind for over 10 years, only because I could not fathom having a strong and muscular body. When I really dug deep as to why I adopted this illusion, then I realized it was because I have never had it before… so my mind could not grasp having it now. The barrier of not creating a goal is what prevented me from achieving this goal! As crazy as it sounds, how many reasons do you have for not working towards your greatest dreams? These mental barriers are illusions that need to be released and replaced by truth. The greatest truth is that you are a child of God and abundance of anything that brings you love is your birthright. However, having free will YOU must be the creator of your dream.

Today I became empowered when I realized I was looking at my body in terms of what it has not done instead of what I am capable of. So, I pushed through my push day and did my chest as best as I could. I am going to change my mindset every week that I tackle chest and tell myself that I am strengthening my body by tearing down the old and replacing it with the new… just like a renovated house. Look at your body as your dream home and look at every aspect of your health. Take each section room by room so you can redesign your life in the manner which you will experience the greatest joy.

If there is a goal you have convinced yourself cannot exist in your reality, pray that God illuminate his light on it so you can create this goal with him. As a child of God, you are created to experience life through your choices of thoughts, emotions, and actions. This year, I wanted to apply the principles I learned through my conversations with God into my life. My goal is to use the knowledge I learned from my books, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose and Creating Utopia- Living Life as a Miracle Worker and apply them to my life today. You too can read these books and discover a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself, your Creator, and your goals!

Please follow me on my journey through my Ladybug Diary and let’s turn our miracles into tangible reality! It all begins with a prayer.


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