whatsPreparing the Mind to Win is about creating miracles in your own life, so I ask you…what is your miracle? We are celebrating a New Year, and today I invite you to create a new miracle in your life. After all, every day we look at the world around us and witness people achieve the unimaginable. However, far too often we believe that we somehow lack the skills necessary to achieve our own dreams. After having to witness my brother-in-law slowly pass away from pancreatic cancer 2 years ago, I often asked myself the question, “if I knew today was my last day on earth, what would I have wished I would have accomplished?” These words resonate in my mind every day, but especially now that I have been blessed to ring in another new year.

Now I ask you, what miracle do you wish to create that you would have once thought to be unachievable? Your goals should push you out of our comfort level, so if you are looking at your list of goals and none of them scare you just a little, then you are not dreaming big enough. Every day God whispers the miracles into our souls that we are capable of achieving. These whispers often come in the form of inspirations, dreams, signs, and yes, even literal whispers into our ears of what is possible in our lives. When you hear these messages, are you listening and taking note of them? Or are you dismissing them as coincidences and just your imagination? Why not let 2017 be the year you created what you would have once considered to be an impossible goal?

The difference between dreams and goals are the focus and action you put into the creation of them. Let’s assume your goal this year is to win a competition. Whether it is a pageant competition or qualify for your state or national track meet… competition is competition. The prize may be different but the method of preparation with the mind is often the same. What makes us good at something as opposed to what makes us excellent at the same thing is the difference of time spent preparing. The mind understands an achievable goal once you define what that goal is, yet has a difficult time turning an intangible dream into a tangible goal if the creation of it ends in the thought process. Here is what I mean…

In order for your mind to understand the difference between imagination and creation, you must be as specific as possible when it comes to the creation of that very experience you wish to have. If your goal is to win your first pageant, then you must train your mind, body, and soul to create the experience of that goal before you even step foot onto a pageant stage. In the years I competed in pageantry, I can tell you only 3 instances when I created the experience of “winning” before I even competed. My first one was a state pageant, then a national, and finally my international pageant. These wins did not come down to luck or to the illusions others witnessed through their perception. Instead these achievements came down to being so specific in the goal I was trying to create, I tricked my mind into believing I already had accomplished these goals before I witnessed them in the world around me.

You have the power to create your life in the same manner, but preparation is key. What you focus on, you create. There is so much more to success than meets the eyes and don’t you owe it to yourself to push yourself beyond your comfort level to be the best version of yourself? To learn more about how you can discover your purpose, order my book or audio book, Through the Eyes of Truth – a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.”