the-rewardis-inthe-experiencePreparing the Mind to Win is about creating the experience of achieving our goal and experiencing the emotions of joy and excitement once we have achieved it. I believe everything we do has an underlying goal of experiencing the emotions of love and joy. Knowing this, we understand we can create the experience of winning our competition, or driving our new car even before the evidence of this is seen in our lives. By creating your intentions through thought, emotions, and actions, you can create a “win” or achievement of any kind repeatedly in your life before you realize the manifestation of it. We need to be clear on the experience we wish to create so we can deliberately create those experiences that will align us with our goals.

Creating the experience of winning a competition or owning your new dream home comes with its challenges. We are taught to only believe what our eyes can see, however in the world of creation we first plant the seed within our spirit. The unseen. If we wait to believe we can accomplish our greatest goals only after seeing them, we may be waiting for a long time. Why? You are the creator of your experience. In order to witness the creation of your goals in the world around you then you must first create the goals in the world within you. Ask yourself what experience you are trying to create in the process of winning a competition. Are you seeking to feel empowered? If so, then you must first create the feelings of empowerment within yourself. You do this by visualizing yourself in an empowered state of awareness.

When I was in pageant competitions, I realized my soul was trying to experience the emotions of feeling accomplishment and empowerment. Knowing the law of attraction states that whatever we think about we create, I began thinking about what it would feel like to already have the title I was trying to achieve. When you are attempting to gain a dream job or create a beautiful new home by the lake, you must first create the experience of already having these things in your life before you witness the manifestation of their creation. Competition is all in the mind. In order to “win” a competition, you need to understand what your life looks like after you have already achieved your goal. Be very detailed in the creation of this goal from the inside out. Only then will you realize that the competition was in fact a perception.

We don’t compete for any title, goal, or achievement. It may appear that way from the outside looking in, but there has to be a creator of that goal in order for you to want to experience it. If you want to be the state winner for an upcoming track meet, you know you must beat the existing record time. As you run you perceive yourself to be in competition for the record, but in fact you are creating the experience of beating that record during your preparation for the meet. You could beat the state, national, or world record off of a track meet and without another soul watching you from the stands. But if having an audience cheering you on while you race another for a perceived competition is part of your experience, then you can create the emotions as you prepare for it. You don’t need another person to validate your record time – only a stopwatch,

This is what I mean when I state your goal of the experience has to be so specific that you understand you are in control of the emotions you will experience once having your goals. It takes more than thinking about winning, as you must train your body daily to become stronger and faster. With this comes the emotions of confidence and empowerment as you witness yourself achieve your dream. Preparing your mind to win is about taking control of the experience you wish to have and using your mind, emotions, and actions to create the experience before you even witness it in the world around you. This is how you prepare for any perceived competition. By realizing that competition is an illusion that exists through the mind of fear. You don’t need to take anything from another that they have created in their experience. You can be a part of the journey alongside another person while experiencing your own greatness. To learn more about how you can discover your purpose, order my book or audio book, Through the Eyes of Truth – a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.”

Until next time – live inspired Miracle Workers!