untitled-design As we roll into the 2017, we have the chance to release old patterns of thinking and action that no longer serves our new goals. The New Year represents new goals and a new opportunity to push ourselves beyond our own perceived limits.  What are your new goals for the year? As an Author and Coach, my goal is always to help you realize your greatest potential and tap into your own God given talents, so you can be the Miracle Worker in your own life whether you are competing in a pageant or trying to accomplish a new life goal.

So many of us think if we just have faith in our dreams and in God, that we will accomplish our dreams. Not realizing that as co-creators with Source, we are already tapped into the greatest resource of all which is God. Yet the act of creating is not only about being but about doing. We understand as children of God that abundance is our birthright, but through our own creative ability, we need to act upon our intention to actually create the very goal we desire to experience in our lives.

When I competed in pageantry, God revealed to me a very specific set of goals I was going to accomplish. I heard my God whisper one afternoon which revealed to me I was going to win a state, national, and international competition before I retired from competing. When I heard this whisper, my first thought was that I could envision winning a state and even a national pageant, but the international pageant appeared very distant and unachievable. However, since I have always worked on developing my relationship with Source, I knew God would see me through these goals. Years later I looked back having won my state, national, and finally the Mrs. International Pageant in 2006.

Had I just relied on faith and believing in God, I would not have won these titles. I needed to be an active co-creator in my life towards achieving these goals. So, I set out to watch every competitive pageant I could get my hands on. I not only watched pageants from competitive systems in the US, but also watched pageants from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other major competitive countries. Why? Because I wanted to know what the most successful women in the world all had in common when it came to the world of pageantry. You could say that I studied the art of pageantry.

I realized that competition was an illusion. If God had already revealed to me my destiny, then everything I needed to win these pageants I already had within me. I just needed to refine my modeling and stage presence, reinvent myself in the judges’ interview room, and understand the world of competition is an illusion. The amazing women I shared the stage with were not my competition, rather they were walking on their own journey towards their destiny through the world of pageantry.

My book, Preparing the Mind to Win was my way of sharing my toolkit for achieving my pageant goals, but life goals as well. Competition is an illusion and the more you walk towards your destiny and work at connecting your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards one common goal, the easier it will be to accomplish your goals. Whether you are on the pageant stage or the stage of life, realize you hold the power to create your greatest dreams and become a Miracle Worker in your own life!