Mrs. International 2014 – Maggi Thorne

Can you answer the dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself” question? What about current event topics and controversial questions? How comfortable are you standing in front of an audience and sharing your views with them in a short amount of time? I hear contestants share with me everyday how they believe their interview skills are sharp enough for pageantry because they were good at interviewing for a job. Although there are many similarities between job interviews and pageant interviews, there are even more differences. Why? Pageant interview questions can range anywhere from personal information off your bio page to controversial and political questions about your topics affecting our world today. Your role is to be knowledgeable and comfortable enough to share your opinions with grace and without offending the pageant sponsors, your directors, or the judge asking the question.

Knowledge is key when it comes to knowing how to express yourself in front of a group of individuals when you are competing in a pageant. Working one on one with a respected coach is crucial yet often overlooked. Begin educating yourself today so you can feel prepared in your next competition. Whether interview weighs a small portion or 50% of your total competition score, the judges interview is the first impression you have to let them know you are intelligent, articulate, and ready for the job of titleholder. Check out more resources on how to prepare for your upcoming interview by checking out my latest books that will help you answer questions from personal, controversial and “trick” questions.



CQ Book CoverCreating Queens – Secrets in Pageantry – Order your copy now!

Do you know how to answer the dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself” questions? What is your open and closing statements when you are in the Judges Interview room, and how do you “sell” yourself in less than 30 seconds? Do you know how to lead the judges in the interview room or do you take a reactive approach and just learn how to answer questions during the interview? If you are like most contestants, your approach to pageantry may be more on the reactive rather than the proactive level, and learning how to take control of your Judges Interview and preparation all help you stand out among a group of contestants.

I have taken the knowledge I gained from 30 years in the pageant industry combined with 17 years of Radio Sales & Marketing and teach contestants how to stand out with the judges before you even meet them. My book Creating Queens – Secrets in Pageantry will take you step by step throughout the phases of pageantry and teach you valuable skills that you can use years beyond pageantry, but most importantly when competing for your coveted title. This book shares secrets of some of the top pageant success stories in different pageant systems and helps contestants gain valuable knowledge about providing the judges the best parts of your life in a short amount of time.

This book is a must read for any serious competitor and also the young woman who wants to learn how to develop confidence and her competitive edge beyond the pageant world as well.


Preparing the Mind BookPreparing the Mind to Win – Creating Queens Book Series – Order Your Ebook Now!

Preparing the Mind to Win allows contestants on all levels of pageantry to change their perspective on the competition journey. Readers will learn that by changing their thought patterns into deliberate actions that will support their desired outcome rather than negate it, they have a chance to feel as if they have already won before even stepping out on stage. Whether you are trying to win a pageant or fitness competition you can learn tools to replace old thought patterns that have kept you experiencing the same outcome with new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Preparing the Mind to Win helps you feel more in control of a competition that on the outside may appear to be luck, but is in fact a manifestation of your strategic thought process. Learn to understand that winning any pageant is more than developing your physical strengths, but your mental strengths by using the power of the mind. This book is a must read for any competitor or anyone who wants to learn how to achieve goals through using the power within yourself.