happy-bodyHow many of you have included diet and exercise in your New Year’s goals? I will be the first to say that one of my 2017 goals is to have a stronger body and intake a healthier diet. I don’t eat unhealthy at all, but there is also room for improvement in my life to take control so I feel better in my own skin. If we are not being motivated by swimsuit season slowly approaching, then some of you are preparing for a competition that involves being judged to a degree, by the appearance of your body. When you prepare your mind to win through the achievement of a new goal or resolution, you are accepting there is room for improvement. We do not need a group of judges in a pageant or a group of strangers on a beach telling us whether or not our body is acceptable to them. However, if you enter a pageant where fitness is judged through swimsuit or fitness wear, then you in essence are asking for the approval of those judges.

If that isn’t enough to be fearful about, knowing we have to walk out in front of a group of people makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. Since we cannot control the opinions of others, we can control how we feel about ourselves. Remember that your thoughts, emotions, and actions create your experiences. If you can control those three factors in any creative process to support your desired outcome, then you have more control over your experience than you think. How then can you prepare your mind to win the fitness battle between you and those excess pounds you enjoyed over the holidays?

Remember that preparing your mind to win is about preparation … not perfection. Look at your ability to create the best body and fitness goal for your specific needs. Whatever you focus on, you create. We are energetic beings having a physical experience, so what you focus your energy on you create. Focusing on the outcome of what you want your body to be rather than the excess pounds you earned through weeks, months, or years of bad habits. It is about changing the patterns of thought and creation that you had in order to have a different outcome of what you have already created. Here are a few tips:

  1. What do you want: Be exact on either measurements or pounds you want to lose so your mind, body, and soul know what goal is the desired outcome. If you are trying to lose 10 pounds for a pageant, or strengthen your body to run faster for your next marathon, be specific on your desired outcome.
  2. When is your deadline: Every goal needs a deadline so you can turn it from an intangible dream to a tangible accomplishment. Set a realistic timeline when it comes to losing weight. You have spent months maybe years putting excess weight on your body, so be realistic when it comes to strengthening your muscles and finding your six pack again.
  3. What is your why? In order to create a specific goal you need to understand your motivation. This is the inner flame that drives you beyond the fear. Your motivation needs to be stronger than your fear of having your goal, so understand why you desire to create this in your life? What does it look like in your life and how is your life better for having it? Make a list of the healthy goals and how you will look and feel once you are at your ideal weight.
  4. Outside of self, who else will your goal affect? Will having a healthier lifestyle and being more fit affect others in your life in a positive way? Will you be able to possibly live longer through healthy eating, or be able to keep up with your children if you have a stronger body? Will being more fit allow you to teach others how to incorporate healthier lifestyles into their own lives? Who will you inspire and how can you be of contribution after achieving your goals?
  5. How will you achieve this goal? Every goal needs a road map and a plan as to how you will accomplish it. Write out your goal and the step by step process you will take in order to create the experience. Use as many of your senses as you can when you envision having the goal. How does it feel to achieve it, how does it look in your life, etc.

The act of creation is about thoughts, emotions, and actions so you must use all of your creative abilities to bring those goals you desire in your life. If you only think about achieving a goal and don’t act on it, then you have a wish and not a goal. If you pray and ask Source for the creation of your goal without actually being an active participant, then you are just praying for a miracle and not helping create one. You are a living miracle and your life is a gift, so push beyond your comfort zone and create the life of your dreams!