9The act of prayer is a conversation between Source and ourselves. Through the interaction of asking and waiting for a response, we learn to tune into the voice of God and tune out the noise of the world around us. Through my personal prayers and learning that I can define my relationship with Source to the extent that I want to experience it, I know that I must be open to receiving my answers to my own prayers. When we have a conversation with anyone, we know that in order to have a mutually beneficial conversation we must learn to speak and when to listen. I think we often forget to listen when we speak to God.

As co-creators in our own lives, we have the free will to choose our thoughts, emotions, and subsequently our actions. We can create the same old patterns that no longer serve us, or we can choose to create new patterns that will bring about the creation of new experiences. In order to use the power of free will we were granted, we should remember that when we call upon God for the creation of a “miracle,” we must remember that Source will call upon us to follow through on our own creative energy as well. God won’t force us to act in a particular way if we are in charge of our own body, mind, and spirit.

However, I believe that God will guide us to move in a certain direction while speaking to our spirit and serving as a guidance system towards creating a new path. What happens though when we are called upon to begin a new creation, is that we often resist the discomfort of the new feelings and resort back into our old limiting thoughts. We ask God to create a chance to empower ourselves as co-creators through winning a competition yet when God asks us to begin new thoughts, emotions, and actions that support this creation in our lives, we resist. Why? Because we have believed an illusion that we must first see the evidence of that very thing we are creating before we believe it exists.

However, if we are co-creating our lives with God, then we must be accountable for the creation of what we are capable of manifesting. We must first create the experience of already having that very thing we desire in our lives in order to see the evidence of it in our reality. In order to do this, we must realize our own choices create our experiences. When we stand at the corner of accountability and denial, we must remind ourselves that we are responsible for creating that very experience we are praying to God for. Then we must choose to be accountable for walking in faith and only seeing the evidence of that very thing we are praying for.

If we choose not to be accountable, then we are in fact denying ourselves the experience of creating that very miracle we are asking Source for. If our prayer includes that God’s will be done, then we must understand on a soul level we are also accountable for being part of the miracle worker that creates the miracle. So the next time you stand at the intersection of accountability and denial, what road will you choose to travel? Uttering the words in prayer, “May thy will be done? Will often lead to the response, “Then choose thy will and it will be done.” Enjoy your life, have fun, and live your life as a Miracle Worker! #liveinspired #miracleworker