dAY 8As a Pageant and Personal Development Coach one of the consistent illusions I have discovered in so many amazing souls, is that we fail to acknowledge our own worthiness. As children of God, we are deserving of being loved, respected and filled with joy. As a matter of fact, abundance of everything that brings us love is not only our inheritance but our birthright! How then do so many of us lack the self-love to receive our own gifts as well as love from others? Why do so many beautiful souls feel unworthy of being loved?

If you only understood that part of the creative process is not only creating our gifts from love but receiving them from love as well, we may be more apt to want to love ourselves. We seem to have the hardest time grasping the concept that we are chosen by God and through God to inherit our kingdom, but we need to first be willing to receive it in the love it was intended. Why does Source have to spend so much energy attempting to convince us that we are deserving of having abundance of love and joy in our lives?

Yet rather than understanding we need to embrace our own perfection in order to receive our gifts, we spend more time trying to earn love from the world around us. Somehow many have bought into the illusion that we need to earn love in order to love ourselves. If we each can take time every day learning to appreciate ourselves for being the amazing souls that we are, I feel we would judge others less and embrace ourselves more. Our greatest responsibility is to love ourselves first and then learn to share that love with the world around us. However, many people are putting others before them and never allowing themselves to receive their own gift of self-love.

What would you do if God spoke to you and told you that you were chosen for something so perfect, only you could create the miracle? How would you respond when you hear the voice of your Creator speaking truth into your soul, and asking you to embrace your own greatness in order to accept your highest calling? Would you honor your God whisper, or would you look for approval in the world outside of you? If you envision seeking the approval from your God whisper from the world outside of you, then you may never truly embrace your own magical journey.

Unleash your self-imposed limitations and replace them with the gifts of a sound heart, mind, and body. Allow yourself the courtesy to receive your own love in the same magnitude you share that love with the world outside of you. When you learn to embrace yourself on every level, you will understand what it is to be one with your Creator. Then receiving the love through waves of miracles Source has created for you will seem as easy as loving yourself. Ask yourself, what will you do when you hear the call from God, asking you to embrace your own perfection? Now is the time to honor your calling and receive the gifts of miracles you have awaiting you! #liveinspired #miracleworker