When it comes to the power of creation, we have only to understand that we are creating every moment in our lives. Although we cannot control how other people treat us or circumstances out of our control, we can control how we react to these experiences. Every moment in our life we have the power to create from the two most powerful creative forces – love or fear. Love creates emotions of joy, empowerment, euphoria, etc. and fear creates anger, resentment, jealousy, and many other negative emotions.

We must empower ourselves by realizing we can choose what emotions we wish to experience throughout our days. Through those emotions we then choose the corresponding thoughts and actions to support our physical experiences. However, if we have spent the majority of our lives creating from a place of fear then we tend to continue manifesting experiences that will support our comfortable emotions of fear. We need to become aware of not only how we think but how we choose to feel every moment of our lives because these are the moments of creation.

Ask yourself how you can create new experiences through your emotions and what you can do to create a life of purpose that supports emotions of love and joy. By doing a “spirit check” throughout the day, you are shifting your energy to be proactive rather than reactive. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather experience feelings of being happy rather than feelings of being angry or insecure? The root of our thoughts are connected to the emotions we are most comfortable having in our life.

As a child of God and a co-creator in your life journey, you have the free will to choose what emotions you experience throughout the day. Granted, life often throws us some curve balls and it is difficult if not seemingly impossible to force yourself to experience joy when you are struggling through difficult life circumstances. However, you know how you think and feel, and allowing yourself to experience the feelings of fear as you transition slowly into emotions of comfort and love will come from the power of prayer. Always trust you are connected to something greater than yourself. Know that voice in your spirit which brings you love and comforts your moments of fear is as real as you are. Most importantly never allow yourself to believe the illusion you are not worthy of having all your heart desires. You are a child of God and abundance of everything your soul desires to experience is your birthright. Now live your life as the Miracle Worker you are! #liveinspired #miracleworker