Photo(12)Our dreams are a part of our soul as much as God is and I believe when we stifle our creative process to experience our greatest dreams, we limit Source and what we are capable of. So much of our experiences come down to the hope to have more joy and love in our lives and the faith to walk the journey into the unknown. If you attempt to create a dream out of just hope, you risk withering under the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve it. After all, a dream represents an experience that is currently not present in our lives, so we need to shift our energy in some form to connect to the unseen.

I believe in order to win a pageant or any perceived competition, you need to balance hope and faith in your journey. Our hope of experiencing the next level of joy through creation needs to be followed by the faith to take action and move towards that goal. The beginning of creating the goal is the seed planted and with every step towards bringing that goal to life is our way of loving and nourishing that dream. We seek the evidence of the goal everyday like we are looking for the evidence of life through the tiny seed that we water finally sprouts and reveals the truth of its beauty. Our role is to walk in the faith that every step we take towards the sprouting of our dream will eventually be revealed to us in the right time.

If we only have hope, then we will not take the proper action towards creating the dream. Remember that we create through thought, emotion, and action, so not working on all three elements of creating may only lead to hoping that our dream will somehow manifest itself out of thin air. Although we try to convince ourselves of this, we cannot lie to our own soul. Because we attempt to convince ourselves of an illusion then we create fear and the experiences of fear to support our illusion. We begin to focus more on the “competition” and follow other contestants instead of focusing on ourselves. Or we may think we need to manipulate or deceive others into giving us the prize we think we are in search of, all the while forgetting that our soul seeks expression through creation. We never need to earn the worthiness of receiving a prize when the gift is in the journey of creating your dream. Rather than setting limits on your dreams, ask God to reveal your truth and walk hand in hand in the creation of your greatest vision of yourself. Your creative abilities go beyond just hoping your goals will happen.

Your power of free will allows you to create your life with Source and be an active participant in the journey. If you do not feel connected to the outcome of your pageant competition or any dream you wish to experience, then you may not have yet created that dream for yourself. Every step you take through your journey in life is about learning to tap into your greatest goals and create those experiences that bring you love and joy. This goes beyond hope, but hope is the first step to creating the life of your dreams. Grant yourself permission to discover yourself as a co-creator in your own life and you will realize the difference between won and own is only a matter of perception. Keep living your life as Miracle Workers and believe in the power of your dreams! #liveinspired, #miracleworker