Photo(11)As co-creators in our lives we need to remember that we are perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience. As one with Source energy we are to align ourselves to our goals and connect with them on a mind, body, and soul level. Whether you are on a quest for self-discovery through pageantry or on a personal challenge to create your new dream home, realize that you are both the observer and the creator in this experience.

As we are experiencing disappointments throughout our journey into any competition or challenge to achieve a goal, I think we often lose sight of being the creators. Look at the world in which we live as a perfect example. So much of our time is spent in front of computers or our phones as we are observing the world in which we live. We observe the television first thing in the morning and expose ourselves to the news which usually has a theme of fear. Then we observe our computers and those around us at school or work, only to come home and watch the world around us through television or the social media.

Now let’s shift our perspective and realize we can create more than we observe through our relationship with ourselves. As we are watching people around us we fall into the observer’s frame of reference. This often creates patterns of comfort as we become content watching the world around us rather than being actively involved in it. Then we try to shift our attention within when we attempt to play the role of the creator which makes us uncomfortable. We entertain possibilities of dreams and lofty goals, but not completely certain of our own creative ability.

As we follow through on a few attempts to create our dreams, we allow our heart to become excited about the possibility of having that dream a reality. When we do not connect to it, we convince ourselves that we are unlucky or unworthy of having this goal. However, what we often fail to understand is that we first thought of ourselves as unlucky or unworthy and our actions followed our own relationship with self and with our deepest dreams.

Our thoughts create our emotions which in turn create our actions. If we perceive ourselves of being unworthy to win a competition, then our thoughts will be in constant fear of not getting it, and our actions will follow suit. We may choose not to prepare for the pageant in the manner in which we need to in order to be the best version of ourselves. Or we may dream of a new house, yet continually remind ourselves why we are not worthy of having it. This often translates into trying to convince the world outside of us to give this dream to us when in fact we must create it from within.

When we balance our role of observer and creator, we are able to watch the world outside of us and become inspired by people who connect with our energy. We witness a woman finally win a pageant after years of competing or we become excited for another person when they create their dream house from the foundation of hard work and love. Then we can transition into the role of creator and observer and realize we are perfect spirit beings having a creative physical experience. Live your life as a Miracle Worker and build the foundation of your greatest dreams from the passion in your heart! #liveinspired, #miracleworker