Photo(9)Money is one of those tangible excuses we use to create more love or fear in our lives. We find reasons for not achieving our greatest dreams due to the lack of it, or discover new ways to find ourselves unworthy of receiving more because others do not have what we have. In other words, so many of us tend to use money as a weapon against ourselves to grow into our greatness or separate ourselves from our greatest dreams. Why? At what point in our lives did we believe an illusion that as energy, our life experiences depend on one particular source?

Think about it. Most of us can open our wallets and find some money in there, and to some it may be enough and to others it isn’t enough at all. However, the point is that we all have some amount of money. When do we ask ourselves at what point we place limits on the amount of currency we are worth? If money is just tangible energy and we all have some of it, then why do we use the lack of it to create more lack? Could we assume that as energy beings having a physical experience, we create our world through our thoughts, emotions, and actions? If so, then do we support our fears of unworthiness through creating limits that reinforce our emotions and thoughts about not feeling worthy?

In other words, what if we are creating the lack of money to support our perspective of fear rather than being in fear because we have minimal amount of money? How would you convince yourself that you can create the money you already have in your bank account yet are limited to creating any more without the permission of another person to give it to you through increased salary or a monetary gift? So often we use the excuse of money to support creating fear and then place ourselves in competitive situations that support our belief of not being worthy to create more money.

Money allows us to experience certain things, but we all have the power to create so much love and joy in our lives. Instead of being in a position of gratitude for what we have, often we continue our restlessness and emotions of fear because we still yearn for something more. More money, a bigger home, a new car, or a pageant title that will provide us the recognition we seek from ourselves. What if we were competing to get our own approval instead of the approval from another person? How would that change the way we perceive a competition or a grand prize?

If you look at the world around us, we relate most to those experiences and people who connect to what we love or fear. Looking at money in the same manner allows you to notice your relationship to yourself and to the limits you have placed in your own life. I don’t believe that our self-imposed limitations come down to the amount of money we have, but to our relationship with the money we have. If we fear our own greatness we may find ourselves remaining stuck in our limiting thoughts of lack. However, if we accept our own connection to God and to our birthright of abundance, we may be able to shift our perspective and realize our greatness lies not in our wealth but in our love.

Enjoy your lives Miracle Workers and continue reaching beyond your self-imposed limitations. Honor your God whisper and realize that utopia is not a place but a state of being. You have the power at any point in your life to connect to the divine within you and create an abundance of love and joy so seize your moments of creation! #liveinspired, #miracleworker