Photo(8)One of the blessings of listening to God is that we are led into truth to discover our passion and honor our purpose. However, we may resist because we do not fully understand the bigger picture or the cause we are connecting inspiration for. What happens when we resist our greatest calling is that our soul bears the burden of experiencing conflict. We feel torn between the possibilities of what can be with the familiarity of what currently is. How then do we transition from the comfort of fear and sameness to the shift of inspiration and empowerment?

I believe that so often our greatest opponent in the creation of our dreams is ourselves. We desire to create a new experience of love and joy, yet our souls resist the change because we fear either being unworthy of receiving this lofty goal or we fear the unknown and how our lives will change once we receive it. We become obstinate and indignant, blaming others or even God because we refuse to accept responsibility for changing something in our lives that will allow us to connect with our dreams. I refer to this as righteous indignation. We look around at the world around us and argue with God as to why we should change when we perceive others as having more success and they do not appear any worthier than we do.

The problem is that our perception creates our greatest dreams, not the perception of the world around us. Although pageantry or any competition may appear to be for the lucky or favored few, the fact remains we create our own luck through our perception of how we value ourselves. Too often when we ask Source for something new in our lives, we need to change an old perception which is often tied to a pattern of behavior. We are then asked to change a behavior and instead of agreeing to do this, we become indignant and find reasons why we should not have to change in order to receive something new that creates love in our lives.

What God is ultimately asking you to do is replace fear with love, and the way we continue creating fear in our lives is through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Instead of being co-creators with God on the same goal, we find reasons to argue. We look at the world around us and convince ourselves the latest celebrity, role model, or titleholder is no better than us because … (fill in the blank) Instead of creating a new way of thinking, we become resentful and judge those around us for not being good enough when in fact, it is ourselves we fail to find worthy.

Then our resentment grows as does our judgement towards those who have the experiences we desire to create. Since we are all connected then our judgement comes back to us tenfold and the patterns continue repeating themselves until we change or we don’t. So ask yourself today what you are being righteously indignant about. What do you refuse to change so you can have a new experience of love? When you learn to be honest with yourself and ask God to reveal truth to you, realize you cannot go back to deceiving yourself.

You are a magnificent co-creator and your greatest dreams are just waiting to be realized. How will you change your illusion in order to create abundance of joy, passion, and love in your life? Realize that God asks us to change our perspective in order to change our experiences, so rather than pretending we are not in control, let’s empower ourselves to realize we are Miracle Workers and through the power of God, all things are possible! #liveinspired, #miracleworker