11It often intrigues me that although our soul knows the road we follow to our greater purpose is filled with less people, our ego still thinks it needs the approval from more people. I often tell my clients that when you are called to follow the path of your own greater journey, you will more than likely walk that path feeling alone but never lonely. As we tune out the noise of the world and tune into the voice of God, it becomes easier to listen with our entire being. In other words, we are less distracted and more connected to truth. As a result we walk our path with fewer people guiding us and being in tuned to our internal God whisper.

I beileve that part of our fear lies in the fear of the unknown as well as in our lack of feeling worthy to receive all that God has planned for us. As we walk through the same patterns in life, repeating the same habits that create our days and the foundation of our relationships, we often fail to notice the small things that bring us the greatest fears. We listen more to the opinions of our friends and well-meaning relatives who insist that we are to do the same things because they are afraid for us.

After all, it isn’t any fun having your heart broken due to not accomplishing a lofty goal. Somehow we believe an illusion that it is somehow more bearable to grieve everyday for the emptiness of trying to accomplish a goal rather than try and not achieve that goal. At some point in our lives, we must take accountability for our own actions and ask ourselves why we choose to live daily with an aching heart that desires so much to use our own creative energy to manifest a life of joy. How can we convince ourselves that it is somehow easier to ache daily than to experience the joy and love from self as we figure out ways to accomplish what others may deem “miracles.”

Everyday we choose to live out our lives through the eyes of doubt and fear rather than through the eyes of truth and love, is another day that we choose not to be connected to Source on a greater level. Nobody can convince me that it is safer for me to sit back and watch my life happen through the opinion of another person. I would always rather be the one person in the corner of the world trying to find new ways to achieve greater possibilities… wouldn’t you? If I fail at my first attempt then I get up and continue trying new and unique ways to create joy and self-love in my own life. This way I will never look back on my life with regret and wonder, “what if.”

Ask yourself, “what if I wasn’t too old to achieve my dream?” “What if I was only one thought and action away from manifesting the greatest vision of my life today?” Most importantly, “what if all of these efforts led me to know, love, and honor myself and my Creator to a level I never thought possible?” Stop living your life through the illusion of fear and choose to be a deliberate co-creator in your own life. After all, OWN and WON are two magnificent words in only 3 letters. The moment you own your dream is the moment you won your greatest goal! Now live your life as the miracle workers you are and keep reaching for the world of possibilities! #liveinspired #miracleworker