11From an early age we are taught to become aware of signs around us. These signs that warn us of impending danger, slows us down, stops us, and even directs us in the right direction of our journey. These signs are all around us and without them, we would be walking through a world filled with chaos. More importantly we would fail to follow our path due to lack of understanding what road we are to take that will lead us to our final destination.

So often what we fail to realize is that God is sending us signs continually, yet we fail to recognize them. Why? When did we learn that the only signs we are to follow are the physical signs that inform us to Stop, Yield, or Proceed with Caution? If we can learn to trust our intuition and our God whisper, then we become more aware of the signs all around us. Those same signals that warn us about a particular person or situation that doesn’t serve our greater good or those opportunities we are to take because God has something special planned just for us.

Just through the miracles I have witnessed throughout my life, I know that Source has provided me and continues to lead me through obvious signs along my journey. I call them my “burning bushes” and they have always led me to my greater truth. Yet I feel that we are also called to walk through these roads in faith and courage, because we have yet to see the bigger picture of what is being created before our very eyes. If we can exercise our faith daily and learn to tap into our own soul, then our journey will lead us towards a greater truth of who we are.

Look back at your life and ask yourself how many times you had the opportunity to honor your “signs” yet you chose the path of the world of illusion. Just because it seemed more real to you does not in fact mean that it is. Listen to your heart and meditate in prayer on a daily basis. Then you will discover your connection to God and your ultimate destiny lies not in the hands of another person, but in the power of your own choices to create a bond nothing can break apart.

Look at your world and ask yourself what signs you have been ignoring. Are there any wonders and “coincidences” that you have neglected because you were in fear of following? I have learned that we often tend to fear the unknown, and if God is asking you to walk through an open door with nothing more than a bag filled with faith, then leave the remaining baggage at the door and walk through the new door of opportunity. Trust that you will be led through love and joy while discovering a journey unlike any other.

We are all connected to God and as one with Source, we have only to trust our signs and honor our God whisper. Then will we know what it is to discover a world unlike any other. One where miracles are created through love and grace, and through the power of our own divine connection. Enjoy your precious life and continue to create miracles and live your life as a Miracle Worker! #liveinspired #miracleworker