Day 10So often when we are attempting to create miracles in our own lives, we perceive the goal as being separate from us. It is almost as if we are trying to reach for something outside of us rather than tap into the magic within us. Remembering that our connection to reality and to God lies within us, we must continually reach for the connection to our experience within our own souls. Then the perception of separateness dissolves and is replaced by unity with Source.

Learning how to change our perspective assists us in understanding the world of illusion. So often we tend to see our lives through one set of lenses, and the perspective is one of separateness. What if we could change our perspective and rather than viewing everything outside of us, we see ourselves in the experience? For instance, take something as beautiful as a flower. When you first glance at a lovely flower you notice the beauty through color. If you study that flower longer then you become aware of the fragrance the flower is releasing and as you breathe that flower into your own senses, you grow more connected to it. Then you touch the flower and sense the lush petals underneath your fingertips, which creates within you an emotion as well.

Rather than turning your attention away from the flower, now see it for its essence and its perfection. The more you connect with this flower the less of a separation you feel from it. This is the same for any experience you wish to have, as you are one with God and Source is one with all there is. Knowing this, wouldn’t it be more effective searching for the experience within your soul rather than outside of your physical body?

Of course you must do more than merely dream about your ultimate goal, as you need to use all of your creative energy to manifest that very experience you desire to have in your life. Thoughts, emotions, and actions all connect to the experience of creation, so while you are sitting in front of the television eating chocolates and doing nothing to strengthen and tone your boy, you won’t be creating your ultimate healthy lifestyle.

You need to search within for the connection to the healthy and active lifestyle you wish to have and then think like a healthy person, create emotional patterns that support your desire to empower yourself and ultimately move your body towards adopting healthier eating and exercise habits that will support your goals. Realize that you have the ability to tap into your greatest resource through the power of prayer and the power of your own creative energy. Create your miracles and live your life as a Miracle Worker! #liveinspired #miracleworker