Photo(17)Let me ask you something…when you pray, do you believe that Source hears you? Before you continue reading this, answer this question and just sit for a moment and allow this to resonate with you. Do you believe God hears your every prayer and is waiting attentively to answer back to you? If so, then proceed. If not, then ask yourself why you feel so unworthy as to think for a moment that God doesn’t hear your voice. After all, if you are co-creating your life with Source then you must believe you are connected to a level of pure love.

It’s interesting to me that we are taught from a young age to believe in a benevolent and loving God, yet at the same time are told if we do anything wrong then this same loving God will banish us into an eternal nightmare. How can we then not help but feel unworthy or underserving of God’s love? When we adopt these illusions that we somehow have to succumb to conditional love in our Creators life, then we take this unworthiness and create more experiences that create feelings of unworthiness.

One of those experiences is through our communication with God. We are not sure how to pray and even more unsure as to the manner in which Source communicates with us. Because of this we feel uneasy about prayer and establishing our relationship with God. Allowing yourself to release all the illusions you have adopted about Source and seek your own personal relationship with God in the manner you desire to have it. Then you will be able to ask God for guidance in building the connection to your greatest dreams.

Utilize your internal GPS and ask Source for specific guidance while creating the greatest version of yourself. If your dream resides deep in the corners of your mind, then give yourself permission to release it and while you are creating it, you will learn faith at a greater level than you have known before. Your faith will be called forth as you are focusing your own thoughts, emotions, and actions on creating the experience of already having your dream. During this process you are also building your connection with Source and you will learn to identify the voice of God within you. This allows you to establish your own relationship with Source and know without a shadow of a doubt that your voice is being heard in prayer.

Also know that communication is a two-way street, so as you are calling out to God then expect Source to answer you as well. Sit still in silence and trust the information you are receiving. You will be led to create your greatest dreams that you once thought were impossible. Since you have free will then realize you will be called on to do something as well to create your dreams. Your role is to trust the process, ask God for guidance, and know that all miracles reside within you. Have fun miracle workers! #liveinspired #miracleworker