Faith. This is such a magical word which can mean the difference between realizing your greatest dreams or settling for creating the same experiences which fail to bring you a life of joy. Like everything in life, the foundation of any goal must be built to withstand even the darkest storms and the elements that bombard us throughout our lives. If you look at your faith as the foundation of a new house being built, then you will understand the stronger you make the foundation the more of the structure it will support. Your faith must be strong enough to withstand moments of fear and doubt so you can continue moving towards connecting to your own greatness.

How can you develop your faith to withstand the darkest clouds of fear? Through deliberately pushing yourself out of your current comfort zone so you can push beyond your current illusions of limits. First your relationship with Source lays the groundwork for your new foundation. The more you can communicate with God about your dreams the more you will understand they already exist within you. The role you play as co-creator is to connect to the Source of your dreams and build your relationship with the realization you already have what you seek.

This is where faith comes in, as you will be called upon to begin living your life and expending your energy on the truth of already seeing that dream in your reality. When we pray for a goal or a dream to be accomplished, keep in mind that Source will ask you to be a co-creator in that dream. Your role in faith is to trust in the process and understand you are building the foundation of your relationship to that dream you have yet to see.  Come up with a list of things you would be doing if you already had this dream in your reality.

If you are competing in a pageant, then define what that role would be once you win the title. Get a calendar and begin adding appearances throughout the year you would make if you already had the title you were seeking to experience. Make a list of what that titleholder would dress like, act like and be like. If you are trying to get your dream job then write out what your responsibilities would be and how you would incorporate those responsibilities into your life today. If you are trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle then make a list of activities and meals you would be eating today and start doing those things now. We have been trained to believe that once we see the dream manifest before our eyes, then we will believe it and begin acting as if it is in our reality.

The creative process is just the opposite of this illusion. You must believe in the truth that you already have your goal, your dream job, and your healthy lifestyle in your environment today and begin laying the foundation of incorporating these things into your life now. This is where faith comes in. You must desire to experience these goals in your life today, this very moment and begin laying the foundation of faith that will ultimately bring it into your fruition. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and focus your attention on seeing what you know to be truth and you will see the vision of your greatest life grow more evident in your reality. #liveinspired #miracleworker