Photo(16)Setting goals so often takes a large amount of faith, as we have to believe that very dream we desire to create is attainable. If we have the faith to see it in the mind’s eye then we can visualize daily, connect the emotions and then our actions follow suit to create what our mind perceives. So many times we allow ourselves to dream big, only to use the same amount of energy to talk ourselves out of that dream. Think about it. As we consider the possibility of winning a competition, our emotions build and we instantly feel the excitement generated by our thoughts. Our heart begins to race and excitement wells within our spirit until suddenly the experience of winning the competition has been created in our experience.

As we hold the thoughts and emotions of already experiencing winning, then our physical body begins to change. Our heart beats faster, a smile slowly covers our face and the feelings of joy overpower our senses. Short of realizing that we are still very much in our own environment and not on the stage, it would appear to us that although it felt very much real, the experience was only a dream. Then as we are suddenly drawn back into our environment we realize that we were “daydreaming” and dismiss our creative abilities as just our imagination. What if our imagination were the reality and the physical environment we see with our sense was the illusion?

Maybe then you would look at all of your dreams and instead of perceiving them as impossible, they would appear to you to be the reality. You would no more wait for the approval from another person to achieve this dream than you would wait for Santa Claus to provide you with the gift you are completely capable of gifting yourself. If you begin looking at the world through the eyes of truth then you can create utopia through any experience you have throughout your days. You are in control over your actions and reactions to your environment. If you choose to experience winning a pageant, then create that vision and embed it into your soul blueprint so deep that you live, breathe and sweat that dream to the depths of your core.

You need to co-create this dream with Source energy and God is energy residing within you. Since you are the physical element of this creation then your goal is to be present in your own life moments and create them. Only then will you realize that you had the power to create the bliss and state of perfection that utopia represents to you. Realize you have the power to create the experience of your greatest dream in any situation you are experiencing this very moment. You are NOT your environment, you are NOT your family, and you are NOT your relationships. You get to create and re-create who you are every moment of your life, so choose to be in control with or without evidence of your dream.

Look at your dream as the tiny seed planted in the soil of love and nourishment. As you focus on that dream you are creating the experience of already having it even though you haven’t seen the seed flourish into a lovely flower. Yet in the depths of your soul you know that through watering, attention, and nourishment, the seed will transform into a deep rooted flower that will spring forth into the light. Right now you are in the watering process of that tiny seed and don’t need another person to give you permission to water that seed so it eventually grows into a beautiful flower. All you need is the faith to know that the more you water that seed and nurture it, you will trust that the sunlight of God will shine upon it. Then when you least expect it, you will look out of the window of your soul and see evidence of that see flourish into the beautiful flower you created. #liveinspired #miracleworker