So many of us are creatures of habit and we create our lives through patterns of repetition. Whether we are on a journey through pageantry or on a journey through reaching life goals, we ultimately repeat the same patterns of creation. Our thoughts remain the same which subsequently create the same familiar emotions of love or fear, which lead us to act in accordance to those thoughts and feelings. However what we often fail to realize is the truth that we create much of our life experiences from our patterns. If you don’t believe me, then write out what you did from the start of your day Monday to this point in your day today. Patterns, patterns, patterns.
How is it that we create the same patterns and expect those same habits to create different experiences? In order to create new experiences of competing, having more joy in your life, or creating a goal from your inner kingdom, you need to create new patterns that will support the creation of the ultimate goal. However new patterns are not comfortable for us, because we often create our comfort level through repetition. That is one of the reasons advertising works so well. A new product is introduced into our environment and through repetition of their name and services, we grow comfortable with them and then become their customers.
Life goals are similar to the extent that you need to become comfortable with a new “normal.” Ask any of my clients and they will tell you my motto in life is to “get you comfortable being uncomfortable.” I have to get you to a new comfort level so you create new experiences. So often we are not taught what it feels like to win a pageant or achieve a goal that would have once been unimaginable to you. Because of this you have no frame of reference except for your imagination, faith and your co-creative power. All three are amazing ingredients to creating the life of your dreams!Use your thoughts to paint a new picture of a specific goal you wish to experience. As you are vividly creating this goal I would like you to allow yourself permission to feel the emotions of already experiencing this goal. What does it feel like? How is your life different today knowing you already have it? Then I ask you to begin acting today as if it is in your reality and support your thoughts, emotions, and actions already having this dream.
Whether you are attempting to experience a pageant win, a life goal, or winning a new house, the goals are different but the process is the same. Remember that Utopia represents a state of mind where you are already experiencing your greatest joy, your spiritual bliss, and the perfection of who you are. You don’t need to seek this outside of yourself, since you already have the power to create these things from your own God given creative energy. We are all children of God and abundance of everything that brings us love and joy is our birthright. Stop telling yourself that you are not worthy of having the life of your dreams.
Since Source is experiencing life through you, don’t you think you deserve to bring yourself the greatest amount of joy throughout your life? You are not defined by your experiences or another person’s perception of you. The only eyes you need to see yourself through are the eyes of truth… the eyes of God. Be present in your moments throughout your life and be deliberate in creating new experiences so you can continue to push beyond your comfort level and grow in all areas of your life. #liveinspired #miracleworker