CU Day 1Listen to Your Heart

Although this may appear to be a simple request, I think most of us realize how difficult it can be to tune out the noise from the world outside of ourselves and tune into our own God whisper. Whether you are on a journey to discover yourself through entering a pageant or challenging yourself to be a better version of who you were the day before, we need to listen to our internal GPS. How many times in your life have you heeded the advice of another person only to regret your decision, because you knew in your heart that wasn’t the right decision for you?
In order to be a miracle worker in your own life, you must trust your own voice and honor it. Take quiet time to know how you communicate with yourself and most importantly, how Source communicates with you. When you meditate or take alone time, you must sit in silence and not only listen for answers to your prayers but understand the difference between your own muffled thoughts created from fear from those powerful messages derived from love. The journey through any competition allows us the chance to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level.
If we are connected to Source and co-creating our lives and our journey with God, then wouldn’t it make it more meaningful to have the source of our greatest goals as part of the co-creative process? We learn through competition that in order to see beyond the physical senses we must see through the eyes of truth. The crown is not the end goal but instead the chance for our soul to experience something that connects us to a greater meaning ultimately becomes the sought after prize.
When I help my clients understand how to create a “win” through perceived competition, the first thing I help them understand is that their ultimate goal already exists within them. Their role in the journey is to connect with their heart and listen for the God whisper to help guide them along the way. Only then will you be able to realize you were never separate from the love you wanted to experience as a creative being. I believe that the ultimate goal is to understand and accept yourself on a deeper level which is a greater gift than any crown, banner, or prize will ever provide you.
Trust your instinct and reach beyond what you have previously accomplished so you can experience a greater version of yourself. Know the limitations you imposed on your greatest dreams have been set in place by you so they can be removed by you as well. Understanding what fear created those limitations will help you perceive a new reality. As a pageant coach for 8 years I work with women of all ages on a daily basis and realize the majority of our self-imposed limitations are created from feeling unworthy.
If you fail to acknowledge your own worth then it becomes increasingly difficult to convince yourself that you deserve to live out your greatest dreams, whether they are on a pageant stage or on the stage of life. I believe the strongest emotions will always win, so if your fear of not feeling worthy is greater than your love for creating joy through an accomplished goal, then the stronger emotion of fear will win. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into your training, you will always do something to sabotage your progress. Dig deeper into your own soul and grow beyond your own comfort zone. Then you will look at your life and realize you live in a world of possibilities where you can create your own miracles! #liveinspired #miracleworker