Photo(13)Your instrument of creating is your physical body, as it transposes the song in your heart to a symphony through the power of your own hands. Whether your melody creates a dance across a pageant stage or on the public stage of life, you are the conductor and can express it in the manner which brings you the greatest joy. If you desire to sing with the loudest voice then stand on your own personal stage and share your song with yourself first, and those who are like energy to you will be inspired to find their own voice as well.

If you desire to dance across the streets to the tune of your own melody, then dance in such a manner that your feet will bring you a greater level of self-love. Whatever your song is, sing it to the heavens because this is your only life here on this specific journey. You are not meant to be imitations of those people around you, but instead are co-creators in your life to be the most amazing and authentic version of yourself ever created! Rather than trying to dance to another person’s music, write your own song. Let your life be the perfect story of your own soul, so when the day comes that you cross through the veil of illusion into the hands of God you will smile with wonder and amazement. You are a child of God and are created to magnify your soul through your own talents and gifts.

Find your passion and live your purpose, so you never have to wonder what you were capable of. What if you looked in the mirror today, and instead of seeing the tiny wrinkles forming around your beautiful face you decided to make a magnificent dream come true? Realizing there is no such thing as too tall, too thin, too old, or too young, you created your own dreams by writing your story word by word. Wouldn’t it be more magnificent to you to uncover your own hidden gifts and turn those into dreams that will someday inspire another person? These gifts do not have to inspire the entire world, but allow them first to create love in your life. Only then will you be able to bring love into another’s life through letting them understand there are millions of tiny formulas to create dreams that have yet to be shared.

Stop trying to do what another does, and be what another person is and learn to embrace your own greatness. Every day that passes with you looking past yourself as if you are invisible is another day you become invisible to yourself. Look into the mirror and instead of noticing the tiny imperfections, see the eyes of truth staring back at you… the eyes of God. If you are one with the Creator, then begin looking for the reflection of God back at you and someday you will realize the power you have to make the greatest dreams come true. Inspire another by inspiring yourself first and you will create a ripple effect of inspiration and hope.

Honor your journey in this life because it is such a fragile and beautiful gift. Treat yourself like the child of God you are and bless yourself with the fruits of your own hands. These past 30 days is a way for you to create new patterns in your life that serve your greater good. Whether you want to win a pageant or a worldwide contest, the illusion of winning is that you already own the dream you desire to see manifested. All you have to do is reach within to your own wonder and tap into the power of God. The rest is magic…. Be your own magic Miracle Workers and continue to live inspired! #liveinspired, #miracleworker