Photo(10)We live in a world where we have been convinced our reality lies in what we see and our illusion lies within in what we feel. Somehow many of us have not yet found the balance of understanding how to walk in an illusion filled world while maintaining being grounded in our own reality. How do we do this and still be able to discern truth from illusion? Through your connection to God and your connection to self. Realizing we are spirit beings having a physical experience allows us to balance our heart and our logic. While many of us focus only on the physical world and what we see with our physical eyes, we often forget that we are creating our physical experiences through what we cannot see…. our energy and focused attention.

The times in our lives this creates a problem is when we live only by our sight and forget we are creating the unseen. Our purpose lies not in the world outside of us through others telling us what we should do to life a magical life. Our purpose is discovered within us when we are connecting to our passion. As we all know, our passion is an intangible, an energy that allows us to create the emotions of love and joy. When we are able to look within ourselves to discover those passions, we are then able to turn them into a tangible experience in the physical world outside of us. I believe however the problem arises when we seek to uncover our purpose and only rely on the world outside of us to tell us what that is.

We can ask those around us to provide us hints of what they feel our purpose is, but your purpose is connected to God, so why not get it straight from the Source? In other words, you need to seek your purpose within yourself so you can experience it outside of you. When we get aligned with our purpose we are more accepting of creating it in our life without the need for approval from another person. After all, why would you seek approval from another person who is not living their purpose? We would expect their answer to be shared by the philosophy that they live their lives by. If they have succumbed to pressure from the world outside of them to do what others think they should do, whether it brings them joy or not, they will more than likely advise you to do the same.

In order to connect with your purpose, you need to seek truth from Source through prayer and by realizing you need to act on those ideas you are receiving through your God whispers. These ideas may be new to you or even dare you to move beyond your own self-imposed limiting thoughts, but they will ultimately lead you to doing what creates more love and joy in your life. Often when we pray, we ask God to reveal to us our purpose. When Source answers through God whispers, we are often asked to take certain actions that support the evidence of our purpose already in our lives. In other words, God may ask us to create a platform and begin acting as if you are already a pageant winner when you ask God to support you through a pageant competition.

In God’s eyes the miracle or dream has already been created, so you are being led to the connection of that dream by doing those things today that you would ultimately do when you would see them evident in the world outside of you. If you ask God to reveal your purpose and Source tells you to write a book and share it with the world, you must honor your God whisper even though there is no evidence the world desires to read your book. Trusting your intuition or your God whispers will develop your connected to Source and your connection to self on a level you were not even aware you are capable of! Seek truth from within and realize your purpose lies within you and bringing the experience to life through thought, emotions, and actions will lead you to a life of your dreams.

Continue living in truth and trust your connection to God through the power of prayer. Your life was intended to be enjoyed by you and the best way to know what will bring you joy is to step outside of the comfort level you are in now. The same comfort that is bringing you the similar patterns of creating fear and lack of fulfillment in your life. Always remember that you are a child of God and abundance of every dream you have the power to create within is your birthright. Enjoy your life Miracle Workers and you will continue creating more miracles! #liveinspired, #miracleworker