Photo(15)One of the most precious gifts of becoming the greatest version of yourself is that you get to create your deepest dreams without the approval from another person. How often are we reminded the only dreams that are possible are those which already exist in the world outside of us? Can you remember the last time you shared a beautiful dream you had that filled your heart with joy, only to be told that you would never achieve that dream? Either you were not wealthy enough, smart enough, or lucky enough. Yet what those people fail to realize is their opinion about your dream was never about you…. It was about them and how they perceive themselves.

You get to decide whether or not you choose to own that individuals fears or remain true to your greatest vision of what your life can become. The problem arises when we choose to adopt those fears and make them our own. The mind can only achieve what it believes, so if you choose to believe an illusion about your own self-imposed limitations, then you will create your life from those limiting thoughts. If you are in pageantry, then you may adopt the illusion that you need to fit into a certain body type, hair color, or age bracket to win a pageant. Yet ask yourself how often we get to witness women break through the illusion of once perceived limiting factors, and win the title they competed in.

Realize as a child of God, you have the power to create the greatest vision of your life. Nowhere in history is it stated that Source created the heavens and the earth by following another’s blueprint. Since we are all extensions of Source energy and have the power to create our experiences through our thoughts, emotions, and actions then we can create our greatest vision without the understanding or the approval from another. The most important ingredient to creating your dreams is seeing your dream through the eyes of truth.

Instead of judging your own journey through the eyes of another person who is trying to understand their own, realize your truth lies within the walls of your own soul. Embrace what makes you unique and own the gifts you have been blessed with. Only then will you realize that by seeing your life through the eyes of truth, you can create that state of bliss at any moment. Embrace your truth, honor your God whisper, and create the greatest vision of your life now! #liveinspired #miracleworker